Sunday, March 4, 2012

Countdown! {14days...}

As I mentioned! The countdown is ON!!!

The excitement is building and well the anticipation is killing me!

How will it all look and turn out...

I am still looking for a cake maker, must settle that this week!

In the meantime I got an email that the invites were shipped! Will totally have a sneak peek at those next week!

Then it will be a mad dash to get them out to everyone!

Today is a beautiful day outside! I am obviously in an "!" using kinda mood!

My Husband has been working all weekend...go figure it's been a beautiful weekend and he has to be in an office working... the kids and I enjoyed our morning outside, now they are resting and guzzling some Gatorade. 

I pray everyone has an amazingly Blessed Sunday..I am off to watch a live streaming church service....

Here are some pictures from our morning:

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