Friday, July 6, 2012

{Ode to July} ♥

July, you're here!?

Welcome! Bienvenido!

Every month I think, this month will be the month....and days fall short, life happens and here I am... with only some things marked off my monthly "to-do" list...

June List:

My Birthday
Santi will start daycare/school
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids
I want to take a cute set of picture of Cami in an outfit I intend to make {HA!}
One of my good friends Casey Love will have her baby shower and then her baby Bella
Father's DAY
And just so much more....

July List:
Start getting things ready for Cami's Baptism
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house {REALLY, finish Cami's no longer nursery but now her toddler bedroom!}
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids {I want to take them...the Hubby will have to jump on board!}
Some late "Spring" Cleaning will have to take place...
Complete Tu-tu, Headband and Custom Onesie orders for the month! {No longer accepting July orders, sorry everyone, my month is booked!} 
Find a GOOD fabric store/website/wholesaler!

Don't forget to check out some  
Momma Blogs who have been ever so nice as to post 
my Blog Ad on their pages... 
I am officially a Sponsor!!!

First Momma is Maria-Isabel over at MOMMY MADE! Not only is she ever so crafty at making people {Three Beautiful kids to be exact!} but she is also so very creative and makes the CUTEST ever accessories...and oh yes; she is a photographer too! Not only that but she is such a lovely looking lady! I hope you hop on over and visit her.... she is MOMMA APPROVED!

The second July Momma is Mandy from a sorta fairytale she is a sweet Momma Blogger with two also VERY sweet boys! Mandy is also a photographer and she is most definitely a Momma of Faith. I love it. I love her Blog and I hope you head on over and check her out too! Also, very much so MOMMA APPROVED!

What my kids thought of July....WORD!
 {4th of July Outfit made by Lila's Creations by Erica R.; 
Don't forget to check out her FB page, 
she has very cute Tu-tu's and Hair bows!}

So, lets get started ya'll, July is waiting!!!

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