Monday, October 29, 2012

#LATISM Conference {Parte Uno; Words no Pictures}

It's Monday Ya'll! Y no tengo ni idea de como empezar a relatar todo lo que hice este fin de semana!

It had only been a couple of hours of the 2012 LATISM Conference and already my brain was on fire.... {story of my life}....Thoughts, inspiration and new friendship developed almost instantly.

::REMINDER~This Momma is a total cheese ball. Ha.:: It was such an amazing experience to be con gente como yo! To feel welcomed and accepted. Being a part of something bigger and knowing that it was all done by's very important to me. Very. It just continuously gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. It's awesome. The warmth, the embraces, y el Español! 

What I learned on DAY UNO of the LATISM'12 Conference:

1. {Don't be shy}; the word doesn't exist in this environment. There was no place I could sit without speaking to someone. The opportunity was too good and the conversations were very educational.

2. {Remember Names, Faces and Blogs}; I saw so many people within minutes of showing up and I felt horrible...I couldn't remember their names, that went with the faces that went with the Blogs! I was BLOG-STAR-STRUCK! My brain was mush and soon enough it all came back to me!

3. {Bring your charger}; If you plan on functioning... BRING YOUR CHARGER. As soon as you lose the all seems to stop and you lose your momentum! Ha. Or Ahhhhhh! ::runsaroundlikechickenwithherheadcutoff::

4. {En Español}; I loved being able to communicate en Español about EVERYTHING! It made things so much easier...oh yes and the awesome accents...I am thinking I had the Mexican-Texan accent going for myself, Ha. But, I loved listening to everyone else speak...especially... Lisa from AutismWonderland, Ruby from Growing up Blackxican and Ariana from the 3twentySix... their accents made me feel happy and warm inside...and so many more! 

5. {Give out your calling card!}; Don't forget to pass out your card...I met so many people it's impossible to keep up with your calling/business card is your instant connection!

6. {"Wepa!",Relax}; Once your head stops spinning and you can take it all in... relax, everyone is there to have fun, to learn and to all you have to do is relax and join in!

7. {Dress Comfortably}; I learned day one... to be myself. Dress comfortably and bring flats...first impressions mean a lot but the only way to make a good one is to be yourself and look comfortable in  your own skin!

8. {Find a Buddy}; I was so BLESSED to have found Ariana from the 3twentysix...our  connection was instant...not to mention we were both a little shy at first and somehow we still managed to find each other... fellow Houstonians! It was so meant to be! Ha.

9. {Free drinks=Strong Drinks}; Keep in mind.....if you take a free drink from the super cute waitress you have a good chance of getting extra tipsy really quick! Probably not a good idea. Ha. The bought drinks were not as strong... and just as good... Ha.

10. {Make friends with the girl whose purse can charge your phone.} Just sayin'! Her purse was awesome and she was super some awesome advice too... "Hello My Name is Connie and I am a Parenting Blogger!" Love it!!!!! 

I am so Thankful to have been invited to be a part of this great opportunity I thank the Latism'12 Houston Chapter organizers for sponsoring me! It has meant a lot to me and I hope that this will only be the beginning of what is wonderfully to come!

Tomorrow... LATISM'12 PICTURE EXPLOSION. {I hope! Ha. If I can figure it all out...}

Buen Dia a todos!!!!


Marcela said...

Awesome!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Connie Leon said...

It really was!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Why you no tell me you posted?! I found this by stalking your site lol!

I think it was totally meant to be for us to meet. First you find me and comment on my FB and then I approach you at the hotel bench. It was totally in the books for us and I'm soooo grateful!! Thank you for being awesome and not being shy with me!! :)