Monday, November 12, 2012


Everyday is a new day.

Some days I feel accomplished and ready to take on the world..other days... I need that constant sense of purpose and direction. I need the reminder that I am on the right path to being ME!

In the meantime...I do a little of everything and pray that the sense of direction will hit me when the time is right.

A little over a month ago I decided that staying at home would be a good step for me. I don't regret my decision. I love it. But, being at home with my kids was just the first step of a new beginning. My days are filled with house chores, daily tasks, watching my Cami, planning dinner, helping my Husband, Blogging, some days crafting and reading other days...I just relax and take it easy... it's a good time. I love being home but I also love exploring and learning.

During this time I have seen other Bloggers evolve and grow.  I have tried to learn and develop new Blogging techniques that will allow for more purpose driven and  audience specific post. I am learning and surely I have much room for improvement, like with everything in life.

Today. Today, I created. For a friend... it was fun and I love to make new things but I will say this...crafting or handmade goods as a business is as of right now, not really for me. When I first started it; it was new, fun and exciting. I have since learned and grown but now I feel like I should move on and explore.

We shall see what new and exciting doors will open for this Momma of Dos... for now I leave you with what I created today...

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