Friday, December 14, 2012

{Friday Letters} ♥ Numero 1

Dear Friday Letters,
I made it! I am here! I remembered and I joined in...say whaatt??
Until Next week. 

Dear Week!
It's been a good one! A lot of fun activities. Productive on the Blog, not so much at home. We will catch up next week. You've been good to me. Check back next week to see how we are doing.
Peace out. 

Dear Post Office,
I have had a bad impression of you. But, in my visit this week I was taken back to the days when you were relevant and nothing was done via the World Wide Web. You've brought me good memories this week.

Dear Life,
Thank you. I can't complain.
Love you. 

Dear Hubby
You are the best. We are not perfect. We are not rich. But, we make it work! Everyday. All the time. I love you. You are sitting patiently behind me while I type; the kids running wild and you are waiting for me to start the Batman movie. Thank You so much for your love, understanding, patience and support.
Your Crazy Wife aka Momma! 

Dear Kids
Love always,
Yo Momma! 

Thank you for joining me for my first edition of Friday Letters!!!

Hope you enjoyed them and check out some of the ladies that inspired me to begin this series!!

Sabz over at The Eclectic Grab Bag:
Mariel over at Living for His Glory:

Thank You ladies for the awesome inspiration!!!


Unknown said...

This is an awesome series. Everytime I see Sabz do it I think 'I've gotta get on this' and for some reason I always forget. Your Friday letters are LOVE! :]

Sabz said...

i'm so glad you started this! isn't it fun? :D loved these letters!!

Unknown said...

what an awesome way to be thankful! It really is a great way to reflect on your week, life and family! Happy weekend amiga!

Unknown said...

I love this series on your blog! I look forward to it each week. I need to start doing this too! : )