Thursday, May 30, 2013

{The Daycare Post}

One of the everyday issues as a Working Momma, I think, is la guarderia {daycare} it sounds so negative in Spanish. Ha. I imagine a guard and my kids just there, being guarded. Kept from the outside world? Dramatic much? Just a bit.

It has always been one of my concerns. My son has been in daycare on and off but my daughter spent one week in daycare last year and uhm, lets just say, it didn't work out. Almost 3 weeks ago though both my children headed back to daycare as I started my new job. It was a different experience this time. I was ready for them to go back and they were ready to be there. Especially Santiago. Camila, we were worried about.

Surprisingly enough she was doing really good until about day 4, the realization that I was actually leaving her the whole day, set it. How could I have ever left and abandon her there? So much so, that when we "reunite" in the afternoon it's emotional. Her face cringes and tears start to fill her eyes as she sees me walk in the door. She runs to me with hugs and excitement.  I feel bad. And, the other morning leaving her was emotional more so for me than for her.

Thankfully our daycare is so good they immediately sent me a text, a picture of Camila eating breakfast calmly and sitting with her class and teacher around her. It put me at ease. I realized though that if I leave her within her group in the morning it's easier. I usually drop them off in the breakfast room and then they are escorted to their class but Camila doesn't like that part of the morning, thankfully there are options.

It helps me realize how different my kids are.

I also realized that my own anxiety and worries are what put me in an emotional place with Camila, and I am sure she can sense the fear. Thankfully, this week I kept calm and so did Camila. I found the secret to leaving Camila at daycare without either of us crying or having a bad morning.......

Good-bye bad mornings, Hello happy Cami and Momma.

As a working Momma I have always had mixed emotions about leaving my kids behind. The fear and the what-ifs are easy to overcome if you trust your child's caregiver. That feeling that your kids are safe and happy throughout the day is a peaceful feeling.

At times, I think it's more difficult for us as Momma's to deal with the separation anxiety than it is for our children.... but we say a little prayer and move on in our day.

With a little faith and confidence everything will be ok at the guarderia.... 


30on...Mom! said...

So true! My oldest and youngest...easy peasy. My two middle children did not and do not like daycare. Thankfully now for my youngest kids I have the best daycare ever! I can go to work a little bit easier.

Unknown said...

This is a tough one for me little girl is five months I NEED to get to work but i can't take her to a daycare I just can't trust it yet. I have no family nearby to where i can drop her off n go to work. So Im just lost on this one however the need to get to work might just force me :-(