Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Developing Self-Worth {Alone/Momma Time}


As a Momma we put our blood, sweat and tears into everything that we do. Our families are our motivation, our inspiration and the reasons why we wake up everyday and do it all over again. Trust me, I know. I have met many Momma's in my lifetime and I have had extensive conversations about how they get things done and how they make life happen. They, we, all deserve a break. 

I often had a feeling of guilt and selfishness. I didn't want to go out and have "fun" alone because I was doing it without my family. Until I realized how important it is to have alone time. To have your own time. Away from the every day chaos and tantrums. Truth is, no matter how much or how little you think you do it's a lot more than you give  yourself credit for. A lot more. All of the time. 24/7. Not sure how my Momma did it. But, these days family and work stress and  no down time in between makes for a very cranky Momma.

My Momma often says; "Yo lo hacia todo sola, y con tres!" I feel bad for being so weak and for being so needy. But, the truth is, that times have changed. The pressures of having a professional and accomplished career along with the "perfect" family is just plain out overwhelming at times. I am not afraid to admit it, times get tough. As time has progressed and situations become more than we can handle, my Hubby and I have agreed that we both need alone time. 

Because, this is not just about Momma, Daddy needs time away from it all too. And honestly, if it makes for a happier and more peaceful home then we are all for it. Just like we believe in date nights as a couple, we also think that some alone time is more than necessary. 

I love meeting up with my girlfriends on a weekday evening and breaking away from routine, it's a healthy way of gaining a sense of self. I feel refreshed if I can get a little break. Or, maybe I can get away and get my toes done, some pampering and relaxation is also welcomed. 

Don't get me wrong, not complaining or trying to escape from reality. I love my family and I love my children.   It's just that like with any job it always changes your perspective when you can take a break, stand back and look at the bigger picture. And, the Adult/Momma conversation and sharing of stories, experiences and advice is an added plus. Therapeutic, if you will. 
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