Friday, July 19, 2013

Borrón y Cuenta Nueva!

You know what my favorite part about life is? Our human ability to recreate it.

The ability to start over. Clear out the past and move on. I know that I have had many chances to start over and why not start over in my 30's. I turned 32 last month and you know what? It's time to start over. The beauty of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances is they are all yours!


The other day I finally got my copy of Start by Jon Acuff and ironically enough I have not started but just the cover alone has inspired so many new feelings!

So, today. I start over. And, since I am a person of exact circumstances and timing, I will start my book when I feel it's right.

The energy is almost in that place where the ruts and blah-ness are gone and you just can't live in that cloud anymore. For me it was this week and more so today!

What about you? Today is Friday, July 19th, will you hit the START button and start over?

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Unknown said...

Cheers to starting over, it is never too late. :)