Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Inspired} Momma with a Mission

Have you ever had to write about yourself?


As easy as it sounds, it’s not very easy.  I know once I get started, I won’t be able to stop but it’s always the getting started part that gets me stuck! Bare with me as I spill my heart out and let you in on what I’m all about. So… Hi there! I’m Darlene. I was born on Groundhog’s Day back in 1986, which makes me 27-and a half years old. Born and raised in Southern California and still here… (writers block occurring, uh-oh…)

Okay, so… What else? Well… I’m a lot of things so I’ll start with my most important and go from there. As corny as this sounds, I was able to marry my best friend from high school. It’s definitely been a blessing because I always thought I’d be the type to never get married or have kids. I envisioned myself as being this extremely successful, independent woman that didn’t have to worry about anyone else but herself. And then, just like that… BOOM! 

I fell in love! Hahaha. 

Totally turned my life around. 

I always tell Alex, he was the only exception. He was the only guy I would instantly dismiss my selfish dreams for without a thought. And, I’m very glad I did because there’s no one out there that could fill his spot. No one. We had been friends all through out high school and I would tell him about my boyfriends, he’d tell me about his girlfriends, we’d talk about our problems, complain about homework, talk all night long about serious stuff and just all the other things you talk about with your best friend. But, what really drew us closer was all that we shared in common, which was our taste in music and humor. I knew I was crazy about him a year before we ever stepped beyond friendship, but he had his own thing going on at the moment and I wasn't going to dare tell him I liked him until it was the right time. Low and behold, our Senior year was approaching it's end, we were talking on the phone while we played our latest downloaded playlist, which happened to be a mix of R&B Slow jams, mainly lovey-dovey music (all obvious! lol). 

Suddenly, the entire mood totally changed and I could sense the conversation was steering somewhere new for us. We finally mustered up the courage to tell each other how we felt over AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). I remember sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for him to respond. Hahaha. From that moment on, we were crazy about each other, inseparable, head over heels in love… Everything moved fast, we told each other we loved one another the night we shared our first kiss, we got to experience our Senor Prom together and enjoyed life after high school, going out, exploring our independence, living together, going to college, turning life into adventures… and then the biggest adventure approached us~ Parenthood! BOOM! (There goes that boom again.

This time it was an extremely exciting boom! The day I found out I was pregnant, it was like a light switch turned on in my heart that I had never turned on before. It was a very exciting day filled with nervous jitters and happiness.

We were way into it. Each week we’d read up on our daughter’s developmental stage and what was forming than. Month-by-month, we’d take pictures and get more excited as the bump grew, started prepping our home for our baby girl that was soon to arrive. Life was going perfect for us... 

Or so we thought, with our naive sense, we never even thought about complications being a possibility, so you know what was coming next… BOOM! BOOM!! BOOM!!! 

Emergency C-Section, overly tensed nerves and 100% pure fright, and then life at that particular moment really threw us a curve-ball. More like, a curve-ball that went too curvy and ended up hitting us. And now this time, the BOOM hit us where it would leave us, in pain and forever sore. 

Our lives would forever change.

{Come back tomorrow to read the rest of Darlene's Story.....}

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