Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Inspired. {Traveling Hubby}

{::Momma Note:: This is a series that I created in hopes of inspiring other Momma's in Houston to share their stories and connect with Momma's just like them. I have known Karen for about 2 years now, her and her family NEVER cease to amaze me. Their faith and what God has done and continues to do for them, just reminds me how GREAT life is and how awesome it is to count our Blessings and be happy! Enjoy!!}
My Name is Karen. 
I am from Houston. I am Salvadorian American. I am married and have 3 beautiful kids Noah (5) Emma (3) Aaron (1) and One the way. Yes, I am a busy mom!

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My husband and I have been married for 8 years. We married at 18 and three years later started having kids. You know once you start the fun doesn't stop. My husband was born with a retinal disease. It’s a degenerative retinal disease and according to doctors he will eventually lose his eye sight completely. We decided to make the most of our lives and have kids early so he could enjoy every moment before his vision worsened.

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He started at the bottom working in a warehouse counting nuts and bolts. Little by little he moved his way up. Every new position, every promotion is such a victory to us because we know the odds we stand against. He got a promotion as an engineering draftsmen and I cannot explain how proud I was of him. How far he had come despite the circumstances. Then shortly after that he was offered an awesome position as a Sales/Engineering coordinator for Mexico operations. I’m his number one fan and was ecstatic about the new position. Then I realized that coordinating for Mexico operations probably meant traveling to Mexico!! I wasn't too sure about that aspect of the job but nothing was mentioned so I figured maybe I was wrong. 

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He was only two weeks into the new position, when he tells me He has to go to Mexico for two weeks!! Not days but weeks!! I’m pregnant with the fourth and at that time I was in major morning sickness mode! More like all day sickness. I tried not to panic but it was hard not to when hubby and I are joined at the hip! Well, the day came and he was off for two weeks. That first day was the longest day of my life! I did not know what to do with myself. Nightfall was the worst, the kids were constantly asking for him and when was he going to come home. The two weeks did not fly by. Thank goodness for face time! I really think that helped the kids cope. They got to see him every night and tell him about their day. If not I think they would have felt it way more. It was the highlight of my day.  

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As our routine goes I kept us busy and tried to not be home around the time he usually came home because it made evenings hard and long. We enjoyed doing the things we usually don’t get to do. We visited friends and family all over the city. We got to discover new parks. We learned that the library is a great place to spend many hours. The pool became our oasis. I was able to bond with my kids more than ever. It was hard by the end of the two weeks since it was just me with the kids 24 hrs. a day. No little breaks here and there, but I am thankful I had so many friends checking up on me. Cheering me on and welcoming us to their homes especially on the weekends when I felt the loneliest. Every day I received a text from many friends making sure I was ok. Especially the ones with traveling hubbys! 

The biggest challenge is the loneliness and distance. Knowing that at 5 o clock he won’t be coming through our front door ready to hear our stories. The biggest blessing is my husband being able to experience things that we never imagined were going to be possible. My children being able to see how amazing their dad is. How strong their mom is. And the souvenirs are pretty sweet too! As of now He will be traveling maybe one more time before the end of the year. For another two weeks. Rumor has it next year will be a busy year, lots of traveling. I know I can do it all over again. God provided me with so much strength the first time and I know he will continue to do so. I think it will get easier. 

For someone just starting this journey as a wife of a traveling hubby I would say, you can do it! Keep busy and enjoy it! Discover new things around you. Time will pass. It’s OK to get lonely and cry. I did all the time, but most importantly is to have a great support system. Our Motto in our home is “we walk by faith, not by sight” I think this verse has really narrated our lives from the beginning. 

Faith will take you to promised lands. We are loving every minute of our new adventure.
{If you wish to contact Karen and learn more about her family please email her at kdcarrasco3@gmail.com}


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your story! It always feels amazing to meet new Momma bloggers. :)


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I just went back to your post to look for the link to your friends blog and realized she does not have one. LOL


You should totally encourage her to start a blog, because I would totally read it!!! LOL


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She has one!!! But, has not updated it recently... I must tell her to do so LOL http://youmeandrp.blogspot.com/