Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Instructions Not Included} Movie Review

{::Momma Disclosure:: This is not a compensated or sponsored post. This review was not required but we did receive free admission from Cinemark. All opinions and thoughts expressed below are original and my own.}

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Siempre e sido fan de Eugenio Derbez, es un cómico único y su modo de interpretar a diferentes personajes siempre me ha encantado. 

When I heard about this movie, I honestly had no idea that it had Eugenio written all over it. Then it came out. People I knew started filling their social media sites with pictures of long lines and others waiting to watch the film. Then, Eugenio Derbez appeared on Jimmy Fallon. I realized, I really need to see this movie. Not because Eugenio Derbez was on Jimmy Fallon but because EUGENIO DERBEZ was on Jimmy Fallon. 

For a long time "Mexicans" have been "portrayed" in American films and for the first time; a Mexican was staring in his own film being released in the U.S.. A long awaited moment for Mexicans in the U.S.. I know this film and this actor may not represent all Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. but he represents many. And, sure some of those other movies may or may not have us figured out but for the first time, it's real. I can identify on a whole new level. 

The movie is a beautiful reminder that life, is so fragile, no matter where you were born or what race you are. That we should all live life to the fullest. And, guess what.... that LIFE is not that serious. I say it everyday but today I believe it a little more. 

Instructions Not Included was also hilarious, I mean what did you's Eugenio. The jokes though,  I will admit, if you follow the English Subtitles get a little lost in translation, como las cosas de doble sentido. 

To me one of the most visible reasons why this film is doing so amazing is that; the U.S. is filled with not only avid movie goers but Mexican movie goers. Movie goers who know exactly who Eugenio Derbez is and his history in Mexican comedic television.

The theater we attended was packed with Spanish speaking Hispanic families. The entire theater laughed at every joke and clapped once it was over. It's a none stop journey through life as not only a Single Parent but through Parenthood, which I could definitely relate with. Eugenio's take on becoming a Single Father and embracing it shows courage and the fact that happens to Dad's too. 

My favorite parts were all the scenes that showoff Mexico's beautiful landscape, the fact that his Daughter doesn't look like a "typical Mexican" and that she was fully Bilingual. I also loved that it brought together so many well known Mexican actors like "Lola la Trailera" and Eugenio's own wife, Alessandra, with a group of up and coming actors like the beautiful and young Loreto Peralta.  

It's a heartfelt story that will change your heart, about a Daughter/Father relationship and their attempt to take over the world, one day at a time. I challenge you to watch the film and not feel inspired as a parent, as an individual and as a Mexican seeking your purpose and your place in this country. Definitely one I will purchase once it comes out on DVD.

A classic film in the making.... 


Unknown said...

I want to see this movie so bad! I saw the trailer and was totally in love!

Brenda Cisneros said...

Tengo que verla!!