Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to put your Words in Motion & Emotion?

How do I put my words in motion? And, emotion?

I pray and I think and I do what I think is enough for my actions to create reactions, change and results. Still not much happens. I linger in this place where just going through the motions is inevitable and I sit in the same vicious cycle of everyday life and routine. I am ready for more. But, how? What?

My friend Melissa from Painting Mariposas in the Sky; stated that she has all of these drafts sitting on her blog none that have seen yet the light of her screen or met the eyes of her readers. And, the question remains, why?

Then I read an article from one of my favorite writers Lysa  Terkeurst where she connects, with ME.  And, I sit and wonder and finally think; that's what it is! We {Melissa and I as well as many other Bloggers}, are connectors and we long for our words to jump off the screen and provoke that same action that we want to see in ourselves as writers. We put constant effort into our post and a lot of thought into our words. We are life storytellers. The question then becomes, how? How do make those connections? All I know now is that I am determined to do things and make changes that will allow my drafts to be not just blog post but new connections to the outside world and who I want to be.

I have already started making real connections in order to become a better Blogger, then next step is to see the results of my online, in-person, and story telling connections.

What about you? Are you making those connections?

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