Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Word ::Instagram::

The week before New Year's is a busy one. People are seeking resolutions to be made and goals to keep up with. I am no different. I seek inspiration, new motivation to propel me through another year. 

If you know me, you know that Instagram is one of my favorite places. I follow several like-minded Bloggers and now Fitness Momma's. I find all kind of new information. I use a lot of hash-tags and I love it. 

Well a few days before January 1, I found an Instagram Momma who posted about "One Word". It's a devotional on the YouVersion App or website. I looked into it and I read that when I found my "one word", I would know. I didn't believe it. But, it has happened. You allow this word to transform you over the next 365 {now 364} days. 

The weekend before January 1 I went out to eat with my family. While there the chaos unfolded, as usual, my unruly toddlers took over our dinner and I couldn't find order no matter how upset I became. Instead I ate my dinner choking back tears and with feelings of having failed that night, like many other nights. I am pretty resilient and I shook it off. 

Then over the next few days, like almost every American, maybe person around the word, I began to reflect on 2013 and the days to come in 2014. I read one night on Instagram, "some years are questions. others are answers." Last year no doubt was difficult, a lot happened. No job, illnesses, death, and moments of uncertainty. I allowed many people and situations to take me to a place of bitterness and to steal my joy. Not because I was jealous or not happy for other people's success but because I felt as if people around us were not happy for our small or big successes and maybe even wished we would fail. 

As much as we want our Social Media appearance to be equal to our real lives, it hardly ever seems that way. I attempt to be real and post most of our failures for others to relate to and learn from. But, at the same time I don't want to be a Debbie Downer who only has complaining and un-happy moments to share, who does? Which is probably why my Husband has this idea that other's think we are perfect. No matter how many times I repeat it, doesn't seem to sink in. We are NOT perfect, far from it. But, we try everyday to wake up and get this life right. 

Now the reflection: What do I want to do differently in 2014? There have been many moments when I can't relax. I can't get comfortable in my own situation. Not because of myself or my kids, or my Husband but because of those around me. What will they think? What will they say? How harsh will they judge me as a Momma, as a Wife, as an employee, as a person, as a writer.... etc. Then one night as I read through a devotional it happened. My word. "My word" for 2014 had come to me and I knew it was MY word. 

To seek it in every moment of chaos. To be reminded that no matter what or how bad the situation is we should always remain. It was there. I felt it and I loved it. I hope that for the next 364 days I can embrace it and allow it to transform me. So that 364 days from now I can say I had the best year because of this word.... 


Peace in who I am. 
Peace in where I am going. 
Peace in where I have come from. 
Peace in how far I have already traveled. 
Peace in the moments of chaos. 
Peace no matter who is watching. 

Peace. {And hope that this word will lead to better things.}

What about you? What has been your reflection and answer for 2014??

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Unknown said...

I love your blogs Momma!
That one word PEACE is just one word but has so much meaning behind it, I will look for my one word and let you know when i find it!