Tuesday, February 4, 2014

::February:: #lovemonth

Can you believe it's February?! NO. Really. It's February!  

I don't even remember January and it was only 3 days ago. Just another sign that this year will go by fast!

I have a couple of Blog updates. I am seeking a designer to help me with a new logo I have in mind so stay tuned to some very awesome new changes. And, I am trying to keep up between Rodeo season here in Houston, home and work so I will try to write as much as possible this month!

I owe you a Parte Dos of the Blogger Q&A, working on those! I also have a yummy recipe in the works for our Friday Health/Fitness post.

Not sure if you read some of the ways I plan to keep sane, happy and in peace this year but one of them was and is more alone time with my Husband. Our first date night of the year was to a wedding last month it was FUN. Very appropriate. I think.

This past weekend a friend invited us to a Couples Dinner hosted by her church the theme was Intimacy, what an appropriate way to begin this month and to add another date night to 2014.

The topic at first seemed a bit intimidating  and we were intrigued as to how this would work in this type of setting but everyone was so extremely nice and their sincerity put us at ease. It was a great reminder that no matter how great of a marriage we have, we need to constantly work on our true Love for one another.

Not because we don't love one another, but because we do and we want to continue to grow not only as a couple but as individuals and remain in love as the years go by. It was a great night filled with fun memories and definitely eye opening thoughts about love, marriage and yes, sex.

It was quite the interesting session as the Pastor gave us a very honest insight into his own marriage and how he has overcome those barriers that were keeping him from having the marriage and life that God intended for him. Definitely a type of dinner that I would recommend for any couple seeking MORE out of their relationship with each other and with their faith.

How was your first weekend of the month? And, what type of LOVE plans do you have for February?

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