Thursday, February 6, 2014


Last year I attended a Women's conference, the name "Overwhelmed" the message, well yes...Overwhelming. In a good way. 

Ever since then I carry a blue pen in my purse and the word on it speaks out to me every time I use it.


I used the pen this past weekend at yet another faith-filled mini-seminar, this time for couples. It was a message of Intimacy, yes in a physical way but more importantly in a Spiritual and Emotional manner.

And, it's something that I have taken with me all week. 

Why do I become overwhelmed? Well, because I am now a Momma and doing is well what I do! Then there are passions that I have like Volunteering and this here Blog. And, 8 hours of crazy work days, plus a house to maintain and children's birthday parties and family parties and all kind of other meet-ups and fun life activities to do!

How do I recognize that I can become overwhelmed? I remind myself that while it would be fun to meet Sid the Science kid at 9 am on a Saturday morning at the Children's museum, my 4 year old and almost 3 year old wouldn't mind sleeping in and eating pancakes instead. They have no matter what we do. I remind myself that while I can get free tickets to the Children's festival by blogging about it, I can also go to the park that same day and enjoy my family in a less crowded space.

How do I make peace with not being overwhelmed? I allow my heart and soul to take over my life rather than the world.

Yes, all of these activities are great and I do participate in a lot of things during the week; Rodeo work, work Work, Bible Study, mentoring and preparing for new Blogging experiences..but my children and my Husband are not me.

They enjoy down time and relaxing and I should respect them. Stressing them out with daily and weekend schedules is well overwhelming. Allowing our family to just be, gives us more peace and more rest to enjoy not only each others company but also the smaller things in life that we tend to ignore when we try to fill our calendars with so much of everything else.

While my calendar quickly fills-up with my responsibilities and families calendar sits still and remains in peace, and that works for us.... 

What about you? How do you remain in control and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed? 

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