Tuesday, May 6, 2014

::Being a Momma:: #mommaofdos

Thank you for joining me on this Momma's Day Series!

I did one a couple of years ago and had not had a chance to do another, so I am really excited to share these Momma's thoughts on Motherhood....

Many of us have children; many women have children daily but what was that one defining moment that you feel made you the Mother/Person you are today?

We are going to kick off the series with yours truly! 

Hello My name is Connie of Momma of Dos! I have DOS  children they are Santiago who is a little man at 4 years old and Camila my rebellious 3 year old Diva! They are my world. 

What do you feel makes you the momma you are today? I believe that my Momma and how she raised me has made me the Momma I am today! She was understanding and open about our relationship. She always gave me great advice and was there for me in so many ways. She was respected and determined to make young respectful and respected ladies out of my sister and myself. 

What were those defining moments that made you realize Momma-hood had just gotten REAL!? From the moment that I brought Santiago home I realized that my selfish ways had come to an end and my life was no longer about me. Now I had this tiny human being depending on me, needing me, and wanting to be with me 24/7. The reality that we were not 2 anymore set in and the mentality of 3 or more began to grow and nurture life! It has been amazing ever since, everyday is a new day, new tantrums, new milestones reached. 

Finally; what is it that you hope/pray/wish that your children will learn from you that will shape their adulthood? 
I would hope that they could learn that nothing in this life will ever be handed to you, that they will have to be committed and work hard to achieve their true dreams. And, I pray that they never,ever give up and always strive for their best to be respectful and true people of integrity. 

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