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Tejana Made Designs ::shop giveaway::

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post but I did receive a free custom made Rosary Bracelet and a Gift Card to giveaway  in exchange for this feature of Tejana Made DesignsAll statements below and opinions are my own and are true and honest.}

Today I am introducing to you an amazing artist from Texas and proof that good friends can be found on the world wide web;   Jessica Olivarez-Mazone of Tejana MadeDesigns. {Her custom made jewelry is amazing, I love it!} 

I created a short Q & A for her to share with us about her shop, enjoy! 

Why did you start your Shop?

Well, originally my blog started first when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. I started off sharing about my life in Texas. Tejana Made also means Texas Made but that was already taken. Obviously, right?

I started making jewelry mostly rosaries because they are the easiest way to learn how to string. I had huge success with my husband’s co-workers at his rig site.

Slowly, we started offering wearable rosaries, calavera braclets (skull bracelets), and then I moved to leather making.

I wanted to embrace what it meant to me to be Tejana, American, and Mexicana all at the same time.

What inspires you or motivates you?

Honestly, being Texan inspires me. I grew up in rural South Texas amid the mesquite tress and nopales. With boots on my feet and the sun on my face, it is the only life I have ever known. It is sitting on porches, sniffing mesquite laced smoke on the BBQ pits while watching my kids run up and down in boots and shorts.

Leather crafting and my Rosary Bracelets embrace those tiny parts of my cultura that are near and dear to me.

My Abuelita praying the Rosario and each click of the bead between her nails in the sacred halls of San Juan, Tx.

My reclaimed leather cuff bracelets that remind me of my Abuelitos and their weathered “good” boots.

I have always been a little bit country. Okay, more than just a little.

::Get in touch with Jessica::

Any fun details you want tshare about yourself?

I am a Supernatural Fan but I may be more in love with the car than the Winchester Brothers.
I love anything with bling (tacky or not). It must be a Texas thing that I like to call Country Glam.
My favorite food is Chinese food and Sushi.
Favorite taco will always be Bean, Cheese, and Chorizo.

What is your routine while creating items for your shop?

 I am a huge Diet Pepsi drinker so that is always around when I create.
The music depends on what I am creating and who is around me. My 4 yr old loves to play Katy Perry when she is painting with me. I prefer to listen to Lila Downs.

Are you bilingual and what is your favorite saying or motto?
I speak Tex-Mex but the one saying that stuck with me growing up was it didn’t matter if you were poor but always hold yourself up to a higher standard.  My grandpa used to say something like “No necessitias a mirar ni hablar como estas pobre”. 

Can readers contact you if they have questions?

I am very active on Twitter and you can email me at tejanamadejewelry@gmail.com

My Blog is Tejana Made--It is evolving to become more of a DIY/Jewelry Tutorial site as well as an introduction into Leather Crafting. I really love making Leather Cuffs and hope to one day to learn how to make handbags. Or, boots! Wouldn’t that be awesome!      www.tejanamade.wordpress.com


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