Monday, July 21, 2014

B + J ::On the Run::

Where to begin. I won tickets to go see Beyonce and Jay-Z, yes I know still totally in shock!!! I signed up by participating in the Woman to Woman Conference Luncheon, you can join us at the conference  ::click here:: for more information! 

First off, I don’t listen to a whole lot of new music only what my Pandora stations at work feed me and what I can catch on the radio on my short commute to and from daycare and work everyday. With that said. I knew 1, yes 1 Jay-Z song, here is where all the true fans will probably start to hate me, sorry. And, I know Beyonce and a lot of her old stuff but since she had her baby I don’t think I had real listened to any of her music. I was stuck on Single Ladies and Halo! Yes, I am lame I know. But, going to see her was the refresher I needed.

::What I thought::

I totally get what she is doing her show is edgy, current and very sexy and sensual. She is a grown married woman, free to express herself in ways that many may not be able to! As a Momma the feeling of not only real world relevance and knowing that we can still be sexy, is important to me. I struggle with it every day! 

Should I be the everyday Suburban Soccer Momma that people expect me to be with 2 toddlers or can I show people that I too can be a hottie and that my Husband loves me just the same?! I related on so many levels with a lot of her “new” songs. Trying to be Mrs. Perfect but being reminded that we are human we have flaws, we make mistakes. The show was at times retro catching the heart and soul of who Beyonce is and very burlesque catching the essence of her style and who she wants to be! I loved it, as a Woman, a Momma and from a marketing perspective; being yourself and true to who you are sells. 

Beyonce= Be yourself!

With that said I think that while her marriage is a perfect Hollywood, super star marriage and that maybe they are making millions off of being the power couple that they are and they may or may not be happy and “real”. To me they seemed genuine and in love, despite the mistakes, flaws and fights in elevators…Just sayin!

They inspire me to want to create that power couple image and make it work not just because it sells but because it can happen and it can be real! The impact I am sure is huge on those around you and the inspiration and motivation to do and be more is infinite! Sure it can just be really good marketing for their business but at the same time, there has to be some love for one another and a true desire to be with eachtoher, if not I feel it would shine through in their performances. You can only hide so long. 

::The Message::

Feminist. Feminism. Equality. Teaching our children to be versatile and ever changing.  

As a young girl I had the same dream that most girls had, finding my Prince Charming and getting married, have children and live happily ever after. Kind of. Not really. I knew it could maybe be real but I never expected it to happen to me.  

What I knew was that I had to go to school, get a good job and help my family financially. Getting married and having kids was on the back burner. I had always been independent and had never relied on others to do for me or help me, not because I was disrespectful but because I am me. I like to take care of myself.

Then I met my Husband. It didn’t stop me from getting an education, being independent and working hard for everything that I want and really everything that was needed to survive. These days I am married, and my Prince Charming is a real man that eats, works, sleeps and yes, even burps and farts! Let's be real. #realtalk

He is my Hubby and he is an amazing provider for our family and a great support and hard worker! Together we make it work. Are we perfect? Nope. But, we work hard together. He allows me to be me. Not because he “owns” me but because he really wants me to be my own person and even though it’s frustrating he likes that I argue about it all, that I have my own voice and speak up and that I don’t take any bull--- from him or anyone else! 

I am sure that he loves the fact that I want to get up every day and help him provide for our family and that although he could do it on his own, I try not to place all the burden on him. In the same way he tries to help me around the house, he cooks more than I do and has changed diapers and help feed the kids when they were babies, he bathes them and starts story time without me asking him to. Yes a lot of the household duties fall on me but he gets the bills paid on time something that I suck at and we’d probably have no light or water if I took care of it. In all we do have traditional roles but sometimes they flip! It’s all about mutual support and really wanting the other person to succeed not just for the better of your family but for that person as an individual!

::The Hiccups::
The Parking; parking was $50++, thankfully my Momma lives 5 minutes away, she dropped us off and picked us up! People still paid, would I have paid, not more than $20, maybe..... Would it have been worth it, absolutely for someone like me who doesn’t do this kind of event often it’s ok every once in a while.

The Entrance; not sure what the wait was about but my Hubby doesn’t wait for anyone…..he found a fast moving VIP line got us in it and in the venue within 20 minutes or so of having arrived. We searched, we asked, we got in and we conquered! 

The Audio; I don’t know about sound but I am sure that at the beginning of the show the audio was off. The music was too loud, I couldn’t hear what Beyonce was saying and it just didn’t sound good,  not sure if it was fixed or I just got used to it but it got better!  I still sang and fell further in love with Beyonce!

::My Favorite Moment::

Their show was like watching a short movie and it followed a script and every scene went on without a  glitch. But, when they switched over to real life…they started a home video reel and their reality is a baby…a family and a love that right now, no one can touch. Family comes first and for Beyonce and Jay-Z that amazingly beautiful little girl is all that matters and the reason why they work so hard. Can I relate? Abso-freaking-lutley!

Did you go see Beyonce? What did you think of it?

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