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W2W Conference #w2wempowered #iwokeuplikethis

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. I was invited to attend the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference here in Houston by Total Beauty Ladies Events. All statements below and opinions are my own and are true and honest.}

When it comes to people, places and things; I am constantly seeking to be inspired, motivated and moved to action. In the same fashion I aspire to inspire, motivate and move others into action. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I realize, it’s just not up to me! If the person receiving is not receptive or open to change the way I see it, then they will remain and move at their own pace and I move on.

This past weekend I attended the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference for the first time after connecting through YES, social medial with the amazing Shunte, and let me tell you amazing does not cover the entire description of who Shunte Davis-Gamble is! I am so happy that our paths crossed at this very moment in our lives. We have quickly gained an on-line and now in-person friendship, that I know will go far. Plus her personality just makes it so much easier to love her! 


If you know me, you know that I take it all in. No matter how interested or interesting I am still evaluating, dissecting and embracing the moment. Last week was a busy one for me. I wasn't sure if I would be "in the mood" for Saturday morning. But, seeing Shunte posts on FB and her daily enthusiasm, really pushed me out of bed and into the conference that morning. I am beyond glad that I made it.

I arrived and didn't know anyone, but felt comfortable. As I walked in I met Shunte, her smile, her warm and welcoming embrace and her words... Was it fun!?!? {She was asking me about the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert, I won the tickets through her group and the conference!} Immediately I felt amazing! I felt as if I belonged. 

I found a table in the breakfast area and yes, quickly made connections and friends. Shunte came in introduced herself...with her signature "HEY YAAAA'LLLL!!" She is a born natural. Her speaking and presence, so gentle yet so admirable and notable!

Then we transitioned into our first workshop, were we created our name tags and paper-bags to fill with daily affirmations for one another. A great exercise for a room filled with strong, confident Women. Mind you I didn't know Shunte personally before this day, when she came in and started to explain our task she stated that she was Teacher by day. It was at that point that everything made sense, it's evident in her actions that she was born to lead a room filled with people who are eager and willing to learn.

Who is Shunte, she is a petite woman with SO much personality, so much character and so much heart and passion. As she walked around explaining how we should label ourselves and our bags she was patient and concise about what she wanted us to do. Name our selves based on an adjective that best describes us. So easy, yet so difficult. Mine became Cheerful Connie. The ladies around me quickly became identifiable...Classy, Sexy, and Mighty.... these were just a few adjectives used. I loved them all.

And, as if one wonderful woman with a whole lot of power wasn't enough, my world quickly brighten as I had one of my personal "meet and greet goals" met.

I am big on volunteer work here in the Houston area. Since having my children I have limited it to a few events and organization a year. One that I do yearly is the HLSR, as a part of a committee we are often asked to make time to appear either on TV or at events. Well I usually opt for TV, and one place that we visit every year is the Debra Duncan show here in Houston. Every time I go I am in awe of the functions and how it all gets put together, mostly because of one special lady. She is bright and precise and very professional. To my surprise she also knows Shunte, so I was ecstatic when I recognized her as she got organized by the podium. Who is she?!?!

Alexis Herron, one of my personal favorites. Seeing her outside of TV land and hearing her speak was definitely the cherry on top for that morning. Her "I" affirmations of who she is and who we are as women; strong, confident and powerful, allowed me to realize that I had not fallen into my seat that morning by chance but by grace and God. She spoke to us about, reaffirming who we want to be and being who we say we are! She played THE song... you know... FLAWLESS... I woke up like this. And, by the end of her speech, I felt not only empowered and yes flawless but refreshed and happy to be who I am! If you have not heard her speak or you do not know her, I invite you to find her online and follow her!  I didn't miss the opportunity to tell her that I am a huge fan of her...... and I know that I met her for a reason....

Shana Naylor, the Real Single Mom's Club. As a blogger I am often added to groups or peoples personal pages and I become connected with different people. When I added Shana I knew she was a Realtor and we had Shunte in common I did my quick research and then added her to my FB page. So, when she came across the table at breakfast that morning handing out her card, I was happy to meet her in person. Then I realized she too was one of the speakers. And, even though at this point, I knew who she was and what she looked like in person, I didn't know her story. She spoke of divorce and how she gained an education with each relationship loss, which I think should be her book {#authorstatus Shana}. A story of triumph as a Single Momma out of what could not have turned out so well. Her ability to thrive despite her circumstances which for many Single Momma's would be inspirational to know how she did it. Seeing her daughter a soon to be college student, placed me in awe of their story.

Vendors, Awards and Panel ::During Lunch::
We enjoyed a fantastic and tasty lunch from Dinner for Two Catering. During lunch this set of ladies composed our discussion panel;

Dr. Shiree A. Berry, Shalanda Turner-Engineer & Fashion Blogger, Arnaecia Alridge-Marketing Entreprenuer, & the funny Rayla a Comedian and Business Owner.

Their insight, personalities and attitude towards life was wonderful. They did so well with one another and complimented each-other as they answered all of our questions. During this hour several ladies were recognized for their outstanding work in the community. It was great to be among the honorees for Woman on the Rise award, I am humbled and thankful! Then we mingled where I met Missy G., one of  the cute fashion bloggers in the group! We spoke to the vendors and took samples of products! My favorite booth was that of Origami Owl headed by Ms. LaMeka Washington. Then.....the dancing started and that's when the real fun began!

I just want to congratulate not just Shunte for her outstanding work leading this conference but also her parents, for supporting her. Above all for believing in their daughter and her vision. As a blogger I know what it's like to follow a path and a vision that very few are willing to walk along side you and that less understand... I loved this conference and what it stands for in the Houston Community!

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