Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day ::Weekend Snapshots::

My good friend Ari from 3Twentysix does a weekend snapshots on her blog every week. I kind of stole her idea this week; except my snapshots are not at fancy at hers...but I tried.

Here goes.

Most our weekends look pretty much the same if you follow us on Instagram you would know. We try to have fun, we eat well...very well and love our little crazy life. We try to make up for lost time during our busy week that is filled with work, school and more work. My kids LOVE being home but also never mind being out and about.

I personally love being home. It's rare but when we are home, we relax and have fun. My kids are free to play and explore and be themselves. I love it and so do they. We do though get out some days because too many days in a house with two toddlers and two parents makes for some clashing and fit throwing... mostly by the overwhelmed Momma. But, we try to keep it happy and sane for the most part!

This weekend...like many others...

We did a little of this:

A little of this:

AND, of course a lot of this!!

What about you? What did you do labor day weekend? We will look forward to hearing about your weekend and seeing your fun weekend pictures!!

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