Tuesday, September 9, 2014

::Momma Fitness:: #sweattour2014

If you know me you that when I say I am going to do something, I usually do it. Saturday morning I was determined to go out and not only meet but exercise with one of my Instagram Fitness hero's the beautifully inspiring Estelle Archer who is out and about promoting her Sweat Tour 2014

Last year I set out on a weight loss and fitness goal that sadly I dropped around April of this year due to a fall and bad knee injury. I also experienced a pinched nerve in my right leg after only a couple of day of cross-fit. So, I have gained some weight back thankfully not all of my 17 Lbs that I lost over the course of the year.  Needless to say getting up this past Saturday was not fun. I struggled and almost didn't go. But, I pushed myself out of bed and out of the house and into Southwest Houston to the Lady of Essence fitness studio where I regained my motivation and inspiration to keep on and never give up. 

I am so glad I went that morning. 

Fitness, being healthy, staying fit, being strong and loosing weight is not easy. Ever. At least not for me. I make tons of great excuses. My kids. My job. My blog. My Husband. And I stop. Then you meet ladies like Estelle. And, your perspective changes. If you don't know her story I advise you to look her up and get to know her story, her struggle and her journey.

When you work out with her the passion, the happiness, the strength, her smile is all not only visible but contagious. Her patients with herself and her ever changing body is evident. She not only worked out with us and gave us a fabulous butt kicking but she also took the time to take pictures with us and then sat down and shared her tips, her life and her heart with a crowed filled with  women waiting to be motivated to reach that next level and to realize that they are not alone.

She did mention that she doesn't use any name brand substances to help her loose the weight and advises that if you do, you make sure you know what's in them. They are usually not "all natural" and will not be long lasting but instead temporary. All of which with I agree.   

I met a Momma who drove almost 2 hours with her two young daughters to share this fitness moment with them. She really inspired me to workout with my children and make them a part of this fitness world. It's contagious the lives that Estelle is reaching and changing one work out at a time and one city, state and heart at a time. 

Estelle not only traveled many miles to Houston to work out and inspire but she also teamed up with an amazing group of ladies here in Houston who provided the venue for our workout session. The ladies of Lady of Essence check out their website to see their great fitness programs and be locally inspired to be FIT and MOVE! In the Southwest area of Houston right off of the beltway and Bellaire sits this powerhouse fitness studio you do not want to miss!

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