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::Blog Elevated 2014:: #MoodGardens

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Do you have that group of friends that you never get to see, cause of you happening!? But, when you do get to see them you pick up right where you left off and then create some awesome new memories. Well, that's what most of my blog friends are like. Sometimes we really don't get to see one another in person. Other than following our awesome blogging journey's online, we really just get caught up in everyday ordinary life that it makes it a little difficult to meet up.

But, thank goodness for local blog conferences. This year was the 2nd annual Blog Elevated conference. Here are a few reasons why this is one of my favorite conferences so far:

Location, Location, Location. Not many blogger conferences are held locally so I love that I don't have to worry about leaving town for too long and being away from my little family as I would for any other conference. I also work FT outside the home and being able to maybe take 1/2 a day off work or only miss one day of work is a plus for me! It also eliminates jet lag and tired travels. 

Karen of We are the Carrascos

Local Bloggers.  Houston is a giant melting pot so it's not rare that at a local conference you would find well local bloggers from all walks of life. Many that you can simply become friends with and relate to!  Making new connections and meeting interesting new people is part of what my journey is all about.  And, when it's all said and done the best part is most that bloggers live in the Houston area and are easy to reach out to! 

Bloggy Besties!! I have made so many amazing friends along the way in this journey of mine. Some of those friendships, like my good friend Ari of 3TwentySix, started at another conference which was also held here in Houston! Her friendship, support and understanding have been amazing. The growing friendships and love is immense. And, knowing that you have other bloggers in your hometown to provide a great sense of community and support is what I love about local conferences.  

Reasons why I love attending conferences like Blog Elevated:

Speakers: Most of my inspiration and motivation for my blog and, a lot of what I do, comes from listening to others speak about their stories of triumphs and failures. We learn from both. This year like last year's BE didn't fail in having some pretty amazing people in their panels and sessions. 

Picture: Blog Elevated Facebook Page 
Breakout Sessions: The best most absolute way to continue to learn and grow in the blogging business is by attending the amazingly detailed breakout sessions {or workshops} at BE. This year, in preparation for 2015, I attended "From First Word to First Dollar: A Blogger's Guide to eBooks". Given by the writers of "Pinch of Yum". The information was precise and very informative! 

Venues & Food: If you know me and my little Mexican heart you know that the way into my life is with good food and amazing scenery! I am also a person of details. I love that this year's conference was in Galveston. It was so relaxed and whimsical with the venue being at Moody Gardens. Everything was so colorful, cheerful and bright. I loved that! 

In picture: Alba of Independent Mami 

Now tell me, will you be at next year's conference? 

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