Monday, October 27, 2014

::Total Beauty Expo:: #LatinaEmpowerment

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. All thoughts expressed are my own.}

I say this all the time. I love meeting new people. A lot of the people who I have met in recent years are a direct result of this blog. I never know what to expect of people who you meet on-line because well there are not so good stories about the world wide web. But, fortunately I have met not only extremely nice people but more importantly women who have made great impacts in my life and mind.

This weekend I attend the Total Beauty Expo created and run by the beautiful Shunte Davis of Total Beauty Ladies Events. She is also the creator of Beautifully Being U Magazine

As I sat and took in the show I also started to think; what does it mean to have "Total Beauty"?

Photos: Make-up Artist Brenda of XTenbyDeAnda  getting her model ready for the make-up competition. Finished look and other pictures on my Instagram @mommaofdos  and on @xtenbydeanda

Society has set standards and clothes size that we have, for the most part, allowed to define what total beauty means or how it’s represented.

As women we tend to be very hard on ourselves, I know that personally I tend to be very hard on myself. Especially now as a Momma. Growing into who I am and owning my style, body image and who I truly want to be has been a process.

What does total beauty mean to me and how I choose to view it?

I believe that the following characteristics create total beauty.


Who we are is represented by our attitude. How we carry ourselves and interact with others. Being confident and knowing that no matter what size or skin color we are, we are all beautiful.  Attitude is not only a feeling deep inside of us but it’s also seen when we go out in public; the way we dress and how we own our body image and feel. If I feel confident about my size, my hair and my skin color, and so on; then others will perceive me as a beautiful and confident woman.  And, if I act as if I am not important and doubt myself, that too will show and people can see that.


As Women we are somehow given some of the most difficult jobs and tasks in life. We build not only courage and character but also strength. That strength is notable in our actions, our words and who we choose to be around. Usually other strong women who can encourage us and build us up. It's that inner strength that grows as the difficult days pile upon us; that we learn to push forward and rise above the deepest obstacles. Strength, has been a force and a propeller in my life. Just when I think I am weakest, something happens within me that allows me to prove to myself that I am not only growing in strength daily but stronger now than I have ever been.  



I cannot tell you enough how much we should LOVE & Respect ourselves. These are two other characteristics that also shine through our being and in how we chose to live our lives and carry ourselves. Most importantly the more we love ourselves the more our confidence grows, when we are confident we respect ourselves and in return others will respect you as well. Ladies love yourself, respect yourself.  

How does this transcend into Latina Empowerment? Or Women Empowerment as a whole, no matter what race you are? 

I think that we can all be personally responsible as a Momma, a Friend, an Aunt, a Cousin, and so much more. We are role models for the young ladies/women around us. We can teach them these characteristics and allow them to constantly know that they too can learn to be strong, independent women. That they can be confident women who can achieve anything they set their mind on. That we believe in them and their dreams. 

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