Thursday, November 13, 2014

::Blogalicious:: Conference Recap

{::Momma Disclosure:: This is not a compensated post. I was invited to Blogalicious by Texas Latino Bloggers. All opinions expressed are my own personal opinions.}

Friday morning, I boarded the Mega-Bus in Katy, Texas near Houston and headed out to San Antonio! My second trip by myself , since my children were born and maybe since I have been married. It's always exciting at first and soon after I start to miss the chaos I leave behind. I was so excited about the Mega-bus that I never took a picture. It was a good experience, I booked my trip for $15.00. The bus was clean and comfy, the trip took about 2 1/2 hours. {For more pictures find me on Instagram @mommaofdos !}

I arrived in San Antonio and was greeted by my friends Alba Michelle at the bus stop. We walked a couple of blocks to the Westin on the Riverwalk where I hit the ground running! I started with lunch and went on to attend afternoon sessions and to meet all of the amazing sponsors.

Later that night I had the opportunity to attend a dinner sponsored by Tylenol and their #smilingitforward #ad campaign, please visit their website for details. The campaign will donate $1.00 for every smiling photo of our children that we upload on their site. The funds are donated to the Children's Health Fund. During the dinner we discussed our own concerns or questions about our families and children's health. It was so informative and a great way to learn more about what other Momma's think about different health issues in the Latino community. This was also a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat will all of the Latina bloggers at the event. We then broke away into a smaller group and set out on a mini-girls night out! It didn't last long we were exhausted but it was so much fun!

Saturday morning; I took the challenge of waking up early {at 6:30 a.m.} and joined some of the other amazing bloggers  from Blogalicious for a Photo-walk on the Riverwalk! It was very informative our Photography guru was Candace her pictures and perspective are very unique. She gave some great tips which allowed us to capture our early morning site-seeing. If you want to see some of the images captured follow us on Instagram {@mommaofdos} under the hashtag #begreatb6pics.

That afternoon I was able to attend sessions given by some of my personal favorites including a very inspirational lunch about embracing your failures and learning from them given by Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica. {I wish I had a glitter font, she deserves to have a sparkly name!} She spoke about eliminating self-doubt and "throwing away the inner sergeant whistle". When I attend this kind of session I feel re-energized, inspired and motivated. It's a wonderful feel-good session filled with so many emotions. Kathy never disappoints, when she speaks she is sure to motivate you to do more! Who can say no to her positive energy and always smiling face!  

I also attended Pintrest/Facebook Engagement sessions both equally important for gaining traffic to my little ol'blog. In all, the sessions were great and I walked away rich in information.    

Personally I have learned something new at every conference that I attend and they have all helped build my blog in positive new ways!

What I gain at each conference:

::Connections:: Real life and in-person. It's just so different once you meet all of the amazing writers, photographers and inspiration speakers in person and can actually talk to them! 

::Perspective:: I usually come away with a new perspective in so many different areas of life and blogging. Everything just seems to shift into a positive and hopeful direction. 

::New Tips Acquired:: I am not a newbie blogger but I learn something new everyday! 

::A Mini-Girls Getaway:: The past few conference have just felt like fun little girlfriend getaways and it's so relaxing and a great way to relieve some daily stress for this Momma of Dos. 

::Inspiration/Motivation:: Every writer and person at the conference adds a little to my spirit and motivation. I am always so inspired when I listen to other's story, their struggles and how they have overcome all obstacles to be where they are. 


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