Monday, November 3, 2014

::Time Change~Seasons:: #motivationalmonday

Our lives have many seasons of change, growth and just everyday life filled experiences.

This year I am definitely thankful to have not only a full-time job but also that my blog has been filled with work and opportunity. It’s been one of the biggest seasons for me and this little here journey of sharing and pouring my heart out. 

After almost 7 years of working, writing, and attempting to take my blog to the next level, it’s happened.

But, funny thing is, now that I am living this season. I want something different. Something more “personally” fulfilling. Just can’t quite put my keyboard on what it is yet… and I know, people would probably think; what else do you want? But, trust me, I know there is more out there, I just have to keep working towards the goal of turning my passion into something that everyone can see and will want to be a part of!

I have figured out that too much hustle and bustle is not the perfect fit for my family. Yet, I keep doing it anyway. I told myself in June that the Ford conference was the last conference I would attend in 2014. But, here I am in October and getting ready to go to my second conference since June.  
I told myself I would take a break from October to November for about a month, but guess what? October is gone and I worked more than I did in September. Now November is here and all I can think is, why would I take a break now?

While I know that extensive traveling is not exactly what I want for myself and my family life, I do love it. I love the adventure of it all and this month my little family will join me in the travel to one of my conferences. That’s a blessing for sure.

I have in recent years lacked in my planning, so these days we tend to do a lot of “spur of the moment” type things. I think Blogging can be a combination of both being prepared and then just taking it one day at a time. Which is why I feel it has worked me and I have been able to get through this season and prepare for what is to come... 

And, as this season comes to an end and I feel a new one coming in… while the fears and doubt fill my mind and clutter my heart. I am ready. I want this place to be filled with so much more and I am want to make it all happen.

Are you going through a new season right now? How will you handle it?

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