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::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated campaign. I received an Elf on the Shelf courtesy of creator Carol Aebersold and MSL GroupThe statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}


I never know when to introduce certain tradition to my children, they are fairly young still and well I don't ever know if they will fully appreciate them. But, this past weekend I decided to join in on the Christmas Elf on the Shelf fun since I had been gifted the cute little Elf earlier this year. I also had the opportunity to interview the creator which was a very neat experience. 

I put my box filled with goodies on the table and of course immediately sparked attention in my kids. When I opened it, the tradition was immediately born. A magical experience if you will. My son was intrigued. He asked so many questions, "will she come alive?" , "does she move?", "are you sure?". I started to unpack and explain. 

They started to fall in love with the idea of having an actual "SANTA SPY!" in their home!  

They quickly started talking to her and my daughter of course loved that she was a girl. We jumped into bed and read the book. We then started thinking of a name but needed some help from Daddy. He suggested Wendi, my kids automatically thought of Peter Pan's Wendy since she flies! I decided to spell it Wendi with an "i" to be unique. Ha. 

We read the book 3 times, Camila wanted to be sure of what was going to happen and my Santi wanted to be reminded of how and when she would come and go to the North Pole. 

Afterward we decided that the best place for her to start her new stay in our home was  on our Christmas tree... we shall see what adventures she has for the next week leading up to Christmas when she has to go back to Santa in the North Pole. 

I loved the book, this was all new to me but it's such a sweet idea and my kids are excited to see where Wendi will venture to each day! 

The best part was chatting with   when she was here earlier this year presenting her newest addition to Elf on Shelf now a Birthday tradition! She is really an inspiration to writers and Mom-entrepreneurs everywhere. Her and her daughter were persistent and had faith in their brand. All of which I love. 

Here is a summary of my 
Interview with the creator of Elf on the Shelf:

Where did the idea come from? Carol Aebersold had an elf named Fisbee when she was a young girl which she then used to help her children celebrate their Holiday season. In 2004,one of  her daughters suggested that they write a book about the tradition. Her story becomes one of persistence and never giving up. She was rejected 9 times before her book was self-published. Carol stated that we should:

"Keep chasing our dreams. Because if we don't, we may miss many great opportunities." 

Her passion for this tradition now translates into thousands of book sales, education initiatives  to help teachers with lesson plans & creative activities for students and now book signing tours. She came to Houston this year to share with with us her newest sequel which is the Elf on the Shelf a Birthday tradition which I cannot wait to open in March for Cami's 4th Birthday! It's a special permission that Santa has given his scout elf for 24 hours to help share in the child's birthday.  

She mentioned that one of the biggest boosts that the book received was in 2007. Unplanned, actress Jennifer Garner was photographed with an Elf on the Shelf, the rest is history! Her story really gives me hope. She stated that we should't assume that things will be easy  or that they will go a certain way, because nothing is set in stone! 

These days Elf on the Shelf is committed to giving back and when you purchase Elf on the Shelf a Birthday Tradition you will help a child receive clean water, $1 of each book sale is donated to Charity Water. This is so important to me, as I want to teach my children about the importance of giving back to our communities and the world around us. 

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