Saturday, January 17, 2015

::2015:: One Word + Goals

It's been days since 2015 began. It has had a gloomy start but nothing will hold us back. Starting the year off by giving myself a "break" from last year. A little break from writing to help me focus on life. I say that lightly. I really don't know how to take breaks. But, I have been, thinking. Reflecting on what's to come and oh yes, focusing

Focusing on a life once forgotten. And, the future of what will be. 


It's my word for this year. In an effort to focus I created a new blog. Yes, I know. Hectic. But, we will see how far it goes. It's a focused blog on Women's careers', their passions and community. Latina Momma in Houston.

I also started a Vision Board on Pinterest to help me organize my thoughts. I am de-cluttering my home along the way and creating a better space for my writing and imagination to be more inspired and in tune with what really matters.

Focus, such a simple word. 


: a subject that is being discussed or studied : the subject on which people's attention is focused
: a main purpose or interest
: a point at which rays of light, heat, or sound meet or from which they move apart or appear to move apart;especially : the point at which an image is formed by a mirror, a lens, etc.


2015 for me will be one of focus, on not just my blogging topics but my career as well. As many of you may know, this is not what I do full-time and honestly, I like that I have  a full-time job outside of Blogging. Helps me keep a good balance. I discovered long ago that staying at home was not going to be an option for me, personally just can't do it. I prefer the chaos of work/life balance, the nonexistent down time and the network I have created through my jobs. 

Focus this year will be on:

- Obtaining a better full-time job, currently the situation is toxic. Not fun. And very much un-motivating. It just never seems to be enough. I have fallen into this place of complacency that isn't healthy. I am afraid to fall into a normal everyday routine, not because I want to but because I have to. It basically sucks the life and passion right out of me. Finding the best place for me has been a journey worth traveling. I have so far learned what I am truly worth, and I can't accept anything less. I have also discovered that I don't want the kind of job that everyone else has because I know that something better is our there. I truly crave a different kind of life. 

-Attending local and very specific events for my blog. Only taking those jobs I really want and find purpose in. Writing only about the things that motivate me and push my blog to a higher place not just what everyone else is doing because it's good for the business. I don't want to be a part of just anything. My blogging will probably be less and more purposeful and informative {due to prior conversations with other blogging and like-minded Momma's } as well as a journal type style about our everyday life. 

-Working with truly like minded people. That's all. 

-Writing at least twice a week on both blogs, January will be tricky but I think I can do it. 

-Finding a school for my children. My kids will start school this fall. Pre-K and Kinder. We will see how this goes. Lots of research in the works. 

-Attend Mixers and Networking events at least twice a month for personal, de-stressing purposes as well as to grow my network. {This is usually easier said than done.}

-De-clutter my home, very much needed. 

-De-clutter my brain and re-gain focus. Which will help in relieving my everyday life from thoughts and ideas that are not serving much purpose. 

I often find myself sighing at work, feeding off of the negative and frustrated air around me. I don't want that. It's not a good way to feel on a daily basis. I am usually a happy, positive person who wants to love their 8 to 5 job and feel good energy around them. These days , not so much. 

2015 must be one of change towards a more focused life.

Last year I craved peace. I now have peace. I have peace in so many areas of my life that once lingered. Those places that are so difficult you feel like you are the only one dealing with them. Thoughts of what others may think, no longer. I am at peace with myself and the universe around me. Discovered that when people are not at peace with themselves they like to make others think they are the problem. Truth is all they need is peace in order to find peace around them.

In all, I have some work to do and slowly by surely it will get done and 2015 will be amazing. We had a minor set back this week, but nothing our little family can't handle.

What about you, what is your focus this year? Do you have a word that you have chosen to make your focus for this new year?

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