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::Cirque Du Soleil:: #amaluna

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated post in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest. All professional photography provided by Cirque du Soleil PR. }

Houston is a wonderful city filled with so many things to do! I love the fact that shows that are presented in New York or Vegas and even over seas are brought here to our city. One of my favorites is Cirque Du Soleil, as I stated before, from the first time we went to Cirque we fell in love. The artistry and talents displayed are so unique. Amaluna was no different; it was a nail biting and mystical show, I loved it. 

::After the show we had the awesome opportunity to learn more about the myterious BIG TOP::

Cirque du Soleil has a resident show which is in Las Vegas and  a traveling show which is called the "Big Top". The Big Top travels to various cities and even over seas. It displays flags across the top of the main tent which represent the different nationalities of the shows artists. I thought this was a great way to honor the artist. The Amaluna tent has 17 flags. The Big Top to me is all about the ambiance and a more intimate setting which I love. Amaluna is the 33rd production and there are 36 shows in all. 

Amaluna to represents the beauty and strength of Women. The shows producers made a conscious effort to cast more female roles and a 100% female band.  The shows feminism gives off of sense of woman power and definitely inspired me. It's so whimsical and interprets such a great love story. According to the shows PR director the gymnastics were incorporated to help display a variety of talents, so uneven bars  were included. Cirque showcases acrobatics and theatrical acts with live singing and acting. Amaluna has only been out for 3 years and on the 27th of February they will celebrate their 1,000 show. The show takes 8 days to setup, 3 days to take down and runs for about 4 weeks. Cirque travels with 65 full truck loads. This show includes a water-ball, the acts based around it are phenomenal.  

Amaluna can be very family friendly but some of the comedy is for adults. I recommend it more for a date night or girls night out. I would bring my kids but my 4 year old daughter loves visiting bathrooms everywhere we and is a busy body, so I am sure we would miss something. My son I know would be very amused. There is a lot of research and development that goes into every show . It's a very intense process that it takes about 4 years to develop one show. The show then goes to what they call the "the lions dens" where it is decided if the show makes the cut or not. The shows are are live and therefore every night can be modified and  might not ever be the same. Live shows can be very grueling the artist take Monday off. They travel with physical therapist and have a full gym on site. 

The moment of shock came when during the Q&A my Hubby who is not part of the media or a blogger asked about a specific balancing act and its uniqueness!! It was a great question and the PR director loved that he asked about it. And it was a very unique act only one man in Switzerland can do it and  it is unique to the couple of people which he trained; on of which is his very own daughter! Her and another young lady now trade off in the show to perform it.

Over all the show displays female empowerment  and attempt to break all gender stereotypes which still very much exist in 2015! But, this show  breaks those barriers through their acts and performers. Every cast member has a special  talent and strict discipline and  Cirque Du Soleil definitely allows them to showcase it. Scouting  for the show includes watching YouTube videos and visiting various cities to watch live auditions. The average age for the performers is 25/26 with the youngest being 17 now,she was 15 when cast.

If you have not purchased your tickets do it now before the show ends on March 22nd! 

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