Friday, February 20, 2015

::Confidence to Speak:: On being a Panelist

When I started writing years ago it was all about journaling, keeping record of my pregnancies, recording the small happenings of Momma-hood and my children's milestones. These days I can only hope that my blog posts reach the right people and that the words being typed on my computer at home can touch someone's heart. That I can be relate-able and that the information being given is useful for someone to feel motivated, inspired and moved to do what they love! 

A couple of weekends ago I was given a wonderful opportunity to be a panelist on the "Blogger Bonanza" panel at the Woodlands Mom Expo! The experience was definitely unique and a first for me. I have never spoken to a large crowd about blogging in this type of setting. 

The speaking opportunity was presented to me by another good Momma friend Shana of the Real Single Moms Club here in Houston. I am so appreciative of her confidence in me. And, thankfully Lori, the creator of the expo, believed in me enough to take me on as a speaker for her event. I learned a lot about myself  and about public speaking in general.  

It wasn't a task that I took lightly. No matter how small of duty it might have been for some, I prepared and even took on a mentor. My dear San Antonio Sister Melanie of Que Means What. She was the best at giving me speaking tips and what to be prepared with. I felt really good and she helped build my confidence.  

I looked through the topics that were going to be discussed and made a "cheat sheet" for myself. I thought about my answers and how I would convey my message to the group. I told myself that no matter how many people were present I would speak on what has become one of my biggest passions and motivations. 

And, in all honesty the day came and I was a little nervous. I think because I took my role very serious and prepared for it, I had more confidence then if I had not been as prepared. I also reminded myself that I had to be honest and consistent with who I really am. I am all about being ones true self. No need to hide who you are, people will love you or not and that's okay with me. 

My best advice and take away from this experience; If you really want something, GO FOR IT! Don't allow anyone or yourself to hold you back! 

I also created a handout for the presentation which contained the following tips.

::Top 5 Momma of Dos Tips for Newbie Bloggers::

So you want to be a Blogger?

5 jump start tips for all new bloggers:

  1. Create a Blog and topics that you LOVE and appeal to what you want most out of your blog. It will help when trying to reach your target audience.
  2. Find like-minded bloggers and follow their blogs or join their networks; don’t be shy! Everyone started somewhere and you will need support!
  3. Be consistent; try to post once a day on your favorite Social Media platform  and at least twice per week on your blog. It’s important to build and keep your audience growing.
  4. Each platform has it’s “tricks”, do your research and learn those details that will help you grow your social media sites. Ex: Twitter and Instagram-hashtags; Pinterest- good, rectangular pictures with wording; Facebook-tagging posts and how they are shared.
  5. Don’t forget to have FUN! Blogging should be your passion and something you want to do, it’s like everything else…if it becomes a chore then it loses its light!

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