Tuesday, February 24, 2015

::Te Para Tres:: Recap #VidaLexus

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is part of a compensated event. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest. }

A few weeks ago I was asked to help cover a very special event here in Houston. One that I was more than willing to attend considering that La Santa Cecilia would be playing! I fell in love with La Marisoul's eclectic style and beautiful personality as well as her voice the first time I heard her sing last year at another event. Her and her band have a very folkloric rock style if it can be described as that. Their music is, I think, a little bit of Ranchero, Norteño, & Cumbia with a rock-band appeal.  

Picture Credit: Ariana Reed from 3TwentySix 

And, then there was Pili, she might not remember but I met her years ago at Latism here in Houston. She is beautiful, determined and very well poised. Everything about her screams  rock chic. Her style and her presence are strong and very sophisticated. She is now the host of Te Para Tres, you might also recognize her from the Christmas commercials with Eugenio Derbez. 

Picture Credit: Ariana Reed from 3TwentySix /Selfie by Me :) 

On this day, I was able to team up with a dear friend that coincidentally enough, I also met at Latism back in 2012, Ari from 3TwentySix. As well as a large group of local Latino bloggers all of which are part of why I took my blog to a different level. Juanof Words, who invited me to my first blogger conference which yes was Latism. I guess you could say that it was a mini-reunion for me. His wife Anjelica, of Crafty Thrifter. And, Yvonne of Spoiled Latina. So much great talent and recognized Latino writers and Social Media experts, it was a fun reunion for sure!

Picture Credit: Ariana Reed from 3TwentySix /Selfies by Me 

The event was held at the House ofDereon, another local orgullo, home of  #QueenBey that to me was the cherry on top. I was able to invite a couple of friends and my Hubby who almost always loves to tag along on fun events. The venue was very fitting for the cultural take-over of the Houston night. The music was, on point, as one would say! Drinks are always a favorite. But, the one thing my Husband could not go without sitting in was, the cars. Lexus is known for sleek beauty, luxury and sophistication. All of which is embodied in their latest models.

Picture Credit: Ariana Reed from 3TwentySix /Myself 

Picture Credit: Ariana Reed from 3TwentySix /Myself 

In all the night was fun and upbeat, the dance floor was never empty and every song gave you a new reason to stand up and just dance! 

{Photo Credit: Collaboration between Ari of 3TwentySix and Myself} 

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