Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to be a Momma to a Girly Girl?

As you may know I am a Momma to a son and then I am Momma to a Girl. GIRL. Did I mention Girl? She is not just any girl; she is "a" girl. Very detail oriented, remembers everything you say and loves her clothes and hair a certain way. If you see me on Social Media you might think... she is just like you! And, yes to some extent I am  a Girly Girl. But, as I have gotten older and become a Momma I have become very tom boyish, plain Jane, and am VERY comfortable with it all. 

I don't care to do my hair every day. I no longer sleep with hot rollers and face masks. I should tho. I am happy being frumpy me on most days. But, the comfort makes me forget. I forget that I too loved being girly and that my Cami is just starting to be a girly girl. 

Today I will share 5 ways that I will be a Momma to a Girly girl so that she can be herself and learn that we can be beautiful and smart all at once. 

::5 ways to be a Momma to a Girly Girl::

1) Paint her Toes~ One of Camila's favorite things is to paint her nails. I am usually busy and rarely get a chance to get pedicures of my own but when I do, it feels amazing. I love feeling pampered, who doesn't right? The other night all Camila wanted was her toes painted. I didn't want to be bothered. I tend to forget how fun and awesome it feels to have someone pamper you. I want my daughter to feel loved and pampered. Because she deserves it and much more! Plus she will learn that all of her hard work deserves some relaxing and treating yourself. 

2) Give her Space~ Giving Camila her own space and allowing her to be herself gives her confidence and strength. I love that she knows exactly what she loves. Yes she is only 4 but trust me she is very good at knowing what she loves; these days it's lip gloss and nail polish. She has true collections and is very proud of them. I don't ever want to stop her from being herself. I know plenty of beautiful Makeup Artist and women who look amazing and are CEO's.  Camila will choose who she wants to be and I want to give her that space but with guidance. 

3) Let her Dress herself~ A great way that Camila shows individuality is in dressing herself. Trust me most days she does a lot better than I would. Often my Husband says I won't be able to afford her, but my number one priority will be to teach my daughter to work hard and be able to afford herself. It's an example that I had growing up, my Momma was independent and I have been as well. My Sister and I own what we have because we bought it. No need to be dependent on others for stuff.  A little strong for a 4 year old? Yep. It is but she definitely needs to learn it. 

4) She can be  Princess whenever she wants~ She is 4, reality is years away. I want my child to be a child. That means if she wakes up and feels her inner Princess shinning on any given day, she should be able to be a PRINCESS darnit! She is in our home. We love her. While we want her to constantly learn value, morals and self-esteem we also want her to be a child and enjoy life. With or without her crown. 

5) Give her attention~ I want to genuinely give her my time and attention. Some days are difficult but the more time that I can give her the better she will communicate with me. She loves to talk. I will learn to listen, always. She is one of the loves of my life and she deserve all of my time and attention. Her and her brother have a lot of patience for me and my writing in return I like to think that I can be patient with them and what they need. Camila is so loving, she loves to spend time with me and I love her so much. I want to always show her that I care and listen. Communication will be essential in later years. 

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