Wednesday, April 1, 2015

::A 2015 Vision::

I think people read my blog, view my social media updates and can maybe forget that I have an 8-5 PM job which is NOT social media, marketing or PR related. A job that I have honestly worked hard to obtain and maintain. I received a college degree in 2005 and 10 years later I still don't feel like I have put my degree to good use despite becoming an Assistant Supervisor in one of the busiest Elections departments in the US. I assisted in running the 3rd largest county in the U.S. That among many other accomplishments in my career. A career that for 3 months after each pregnancy and 7 months in 2012-2013 I put on hold for my family. A career that I don't mind having, that I enjoy and love. I love being a working Momma. Not many can tell you that. I love my family and children as well. With each job comes a new level of work life balance. But, that doesn't mean that I don't like to grow, learn and achieve. 

I rarely speak about my 8-5pm, and it took 4 years for me to discuss the fact that I worked for Harris County Elections here on my blog. This will probably be the only post "directly" about my job in hopefully the next 5 years or so. 

Here is why. In January after several conversation with a good friend, speaking to a life coach and spending the previous 30 days doing a 30 days of Affirmation challenge; I decided changes needed to be made. I also put some real thought into what I needed to do for my family and myself.  Making the decision that this year, I needed to step it up and move on to the next level. Because I know I can. 

I came into work on the first day of 2015, cleared my current cubicle and decided that I would not be in this desk past March or April. I gave myself a clear vision of leaving that cubicle and then worked hard every day towards making my job a good, happy, healthy environment for myself. I decided that if I had worked hard in the last year and a half I would work harder in the next 4 months. Working towards a new position, either in my current company or else where. 

While this blog and my writing and social media communities are my passion, I love having this "double-life". I might complain that I am exhausted and never have much time for anything but I truly thrive from it. 

So the vision. I pray. A lot. Daily. With my kids, alone, at my desk, in my car... I asked for God to provide a new place for me where I can further grow, explore new opportunities and have the same or better level of flexibility that I have now. Have I obtained that? Well. 3 weeks ago a co-worker announced her very unforeseen resignation. A week later, I thought, I should apply for this job. The same week I inquired with my boss, the other departments managers, and applied to HR. The following Monday I received an interview and yesterday. I started my new job. Same company, different department. I envisioned it in January. Set my mind to it and then did those things needed to succeed and of course seized the perfect opportunity. 

Why am I sharing this? The mindset, the intent, the prayers. Good karma. Wishing others well. Are all a very powerful thing. I don't know what you believe in. But, I  do know that having a good positive outlook as well as seeking spiritual peace and acceptance can take you places. I know that having goodwill for others and not being jealous of their journey but instead seeking your own, will have good "karma like" results. I am constantly motivated by female CEO's, by Women Bloggers, by good all-around hard working sacrificing people. I seek to be motivated and create my own journey and story. Will I one day be a CEO who blogs? Maybe or maybe not but either way; it's my vision and my journey that really matters.

Learning to create opportunities based on your given talents, your learned skills and the purpose that drives us all, is what my vision is about.

What do I see for 2015? Good things. Better surroundings. And, as Walter Mercado would say...mucho, mucho Amor!

Let me also add to my vision a Husband, who constantly pushes me to do more and be my best because he knows that as young Hispanic parents we can do so much more! That paired with two little children who are always so patient and look up to me and my every move. I am inspired and motivated most by them. My vision for 2015 is not complete yet. But, I feel satisfied so far.

One of my other goals was to seek more local blogging opportunities. Because of this new job, I will probably be forced to seek more local events and blogging opportunities. Something I feel is really needed for local Latino Bloggers.

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Now you tell me, it's almost April... what is your 2015 vision and how will you create your positive happy space?

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