Friday, April 24, 2015

::Vestido Rojo:: #LatinasGoRed

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated post. I received a special invitation to the Vestido Rojo Luncheon and Fashion Show, in collaboration with American Heart Association. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest.}

As Latinas we learn to simply place others needs and wants before our own. I think that naturally as women and Momma's placing others before ourselves, just happens. It isn't something we think about, we just do it. We see it as an example from our own Momma's and so we allow it to happen as the norm. Truth is, while we should care for those around us we should also learn to place our own needs and especially our health first. Not because we are being selfish but because the healthier and stronger we are; the better we can care for our loved ones. 

Last week I was invited by the American Heart Association, to a wonderful event that not only pampers women and makes them feel beautiful but also reminds us of the consequences of not taking care of our health. It was an afternoon of empowerment and encouragement. Where 3 amazing Houston Latina Champions of the Community received special recognition and awards for their work. The always inspiring Dr. Laura G. Murillo, President and CEO Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, told us about her own experiences with Heart disease and the fear of losing her Momma at a young age. 

The afternoon's motto was very fitting:  "Educate, Equip, and Empower" Oh and did I mention the salsa dancing! It was so much fun. As part of the campaign to be more active the afternoon was filled with music and a couple who showed off their moves.

One of the leading causes of death in Latina/Hispanic women is Heart Disease. Not too far behind and walking hand in hand with your heart is Diabetes. As a member of a very large Mexican family I know all too well the grief of both of these illnesses. My Grandmother lost her limbs and life at an early age due to Diabetes and dialysis. And, my Grandfather has had heart surgery due to heart disease and mild heart attacks. Sadly, no matter how much I have tried to avoid it; just this week, I too was diagnosed with Diabetes. I am not one to give in easily so I have already started taking steps to control my disease and regain my health. 

The Houston area American Heart Association has a great website filled with important information for those seeking to better their quality of life or help others get back on track. They have events, resources and way that you too can help contribute or donate. Their site is bilingual and offers recipes, exercise tips and a list of risk factors/symptoms

Here are ::THREE: changes I am  already making in order to live a healthier life! What are you doing to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself?

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