Wednesday, April 8, 2015

::Wordless Wednesday Kinda:: Houston Zoo Edition

We had our first 2015 visit to the Houston Zoo. It was a bit crazy and not as well thought out as we would have wanted but guess what, we bought a membership! Hopefully our next visit will be more organized. In all we had a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed it so much and we will be obviously doing it all over again in a month  or so...only because a new exhibit opens then. 

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Arrive early, most of the feedings happen by 10 a.m. Plus I hear the animals are more active. 
  2. Pack and bring your own food. While there are many options we found it so much easier to snack and move forward since we packed our lunches and snacks. 
  3. Plan your visit. If you have not been before, it can be a lot to tackle in one day. Our kids were super eager so we were a bit all over the place. 
  4. Bring a wagon or stroller. Very handy. 
  5. Bring bathing suits and towels. There is a splash pad. We didn't get to do it this visit. 
  6. Explore parking options. We parked in one of the medical buildings. I think we could have done better. 
  7. Eat breakfast; I think if we would have eaten breakfast before we arrived at the zoo it would have been better. We ate while we were there and the kids were so eager to move on. It was a bit rushed. 
  8. Pace yourself & take breaks. It will take you most of the day to get around, take pictures and explore. So take your time, rest and then enjoy... 
  9. Carry plenty of water. It's just so important. 
  10. Consider a membership, we usually travel with my parents, Sister and nephew, so it was a great option. much cheaper, and with great benefits. 
Now... ENJOY our mini-picture recap! 

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