Wednesday, May 20, 2015

::Life Lately:: Silence is Golden...

It's been quiet here lately. I have lots going on. Very little down time. New projects on the brain. My focus is to unfocus and some how it's brought me 360. My blog is very important to me.

But, sometimes.

Life takes over.

Life becomes difficult.

Some days I have to dig deep. Be reminded that love, support and blessings come from those nearest to my heart. My family. They are everything. They love us. They support us. They know how to be blessings.

I am human. I do allow life to overwhelm me. To take over me. To get me down. Then I seek. Deep in my heart, somewhere out in my soul and high towards the sky.

Suddenly. Love. Life. Smiles. Family. They overcome. They overwhelm my heart with goodness and I am once more reminded. I have nothing to fear. I should be inspired and motivated. I should rise above and DO everything I feel that I can do. Because it's possible. It's doable.

I am blessed.

Let me count the ways. 

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