Tuesday, June 16, 2015

::El Valle:: A little Momma History

If you know me and my family. You know that my parents were a type of 1980's/1990's nomads. We moved. A lot. To accommodate work and monetary needs. So much, that each of my siblings were born in different cities of Texas; Brenham, Houston, Fort-Worth and Mission. Yep. We were that family. My parents were a type of "migrant worker". 

My Dad was a painter, him and my uncles formed a large group that in the 80's would travel to Detroit, Michigan to successfully find work. My Momma a housekeeper, pretty much adapted anywhere. In the early 90's our constant travel between Texas {Houston, Dallas, South Texas} and Michigan ceased. We came to settle in South Texas; Mission, Texas to be exact. From 1992/93 until I graduated High School in 1999 we lived in the Rio Grande Valley or "El Valle". 

My Grandmother who lived just across the border in Reynosa was the matriarch of my Father's family. She had fallen ill to Diabetes, losing her limb and ultimately dying after only a few dialysis treatments in 1995. We had moved to the Valley to be closer to her, after she passed away my parents slowly found their way back "up north". During that time the economy in the area was struggling and I had dreams of a college education, far, far away from the rural like environment.

I had lived my whole life between the big city lights and skyscrapers of Houston and the barren lands of Mission, Texas. Where grapefruit filled the fields and my dreams seemed to get lost. I wanted to get out the Valley and quickly! The Valley didn't have a future for me. I have always been a seeker, a secret adventurer. I knew that my life would be better sought in a big city, that had no limits. 

I left Mission; graduated college, got married, traveled, explored life and finally had children. When my Husband first visited my "hometown". I was scared, almost embarrassed of what he would think of this, truly...country girl. To my surprise, he said "I could live here one day". I quickly realized how much the Valley had given me and now that we have children, it's an idea that often comes to my mind. Raising my children in a small town, where everyone knows your name and you can excel in smaller groups.

These days our travel, sadly for the time being exclude Mexico, so we have made short road-trips, our favorite kind trips! We have started to explore Texas one town at a time, some familiar, others not so much. It has truly become our thing. And, that I am so proud of it.

In order to involve our children in great memory making, learning experiences we have decided to make every small town or big city in Texas a true adventure for them. Our trips last year included; South Texas (McAllen and Mission), as well as San Antonio and camping in Garner State Park. We have also traveled to Louisiana and before we had "Dos" {2} kids we went to New Orleans, Mississippi and Destin with our Santi, Cami was in the belly so I guess it counts. 

Why am I rambling of where I came from? Well our recent travels to the Valley turned up in a BIG way for us! We had so much fun!! I will be sharing more about our trip over the next week or so. 


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