Wednesday, July 29, 2015

::Flower to Flower:: #ShopReview

One of our biggest passions as girls in our home is fashion. Especially Camila. Trust me I have become girlier and more fashion conscious because of her. I know that other Momma's have the same passion because they have even began their own business centered around girl, or children's fashion. Today on the blog- Flower to Flower

{The dress that Camila is wearing in the picture below is from the Flower to Flower shop.}

::Meet Jazmin-Momma, Entrepreneur and Owner of Flower to Flower::

My name is Jazmin. I am currently a SAHM to a 5 year old Son that loves singing and baseball and a 1 year old Daughter that is fascinated with everything around her and loves smiling at everyone and anything. In my day to day you can find me in the kitchen experimenting with dishes from other countries and especially from my home country, Mexico. I wish I had friends from each country so they an teach more of their cuisines, I'm interested in anything and everything in Arts and Fine Arts. Reason why I got a degree in Filmmaking and I love helping in any DIY projects.

Are you bilingual and what is your favorite saying or motto? 

Si lo soy! Orgullosamente Mexicana!!! I find myself saying this saying the most "Para todos ahi sol" which mean "Their is a sun for everyone" also "God gives us the best opportunities dressed as challenges" which means "Dios nos da las mejores oportunidades disfrazadas de retos"  
What is your routine while creating items for your shop?

I love searching through our pieces while I listen to mellow music like Carla Morrison while my Daughter naps or is sitting in my leg taking out all my pens and highlighters from the cup holder.

What Motivates you?

Since the birth of my Daughter I've rediscovered my passion for fashion through my human doll aka My Daughter Rose. I found an opportunity to share a bit of the clothing that my daughter herself dresses with and share it with parents alike myself that want to dress their children fashionable without breaking the bank. We are trying to offered clothing you have picked in your dream closet for them and pinned in Pinterest.

Fun Details about Jazmin: 

I've found a love for thrift store shopping and up-cycling adult clothing to little people clothing. I can sit down in the couch with a cup of Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea) and sew my life away while I watch Netflix. Favorite series thus far is between Scandal and Mad Men. Also I started a small little garden in white pots I've been collecting. It's been fun seeing my 5 year old talk to be how the circle of life works with plants and the seeing both kids enjoying watering the plants.

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