Friday, July 31, 2015

::Friday Letters::

Dear Life, things are well. Thank you. Even when they weren't going so well, I am happy with how far I have come. My children are strong and healthy. My Hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate 9 years of marriage.Trust me, no matter how much I complain.... You have been awesome to me. 

Dear Self, Keep going. You can do this. Trust that this is what you are made for. I know you are tired and some days you REALLY need to push yourself. Think of those who can't push any longer, who don't have everything you have and for them; do more, be more and rise above. You have made it through worse and now at your best, you should be able to breeze your way through.  

Dear Texas, Yo'its HOT for real THO! No really. It's hot. Not complaining. Just sayin'. It's a little HOT. 

Dear Houston, In case you didn't get the memo, ESTA CALIENTE. For real tho. I think Texas hates us. It's only cause we are awesome. Haters gon'hate.  

Dear YouTube, I will conquer you. I will. In the mean time, watch me be a total dork and share as much as I can. Practice makes perfect. 

Dear Amiga's, You know who you are. Thank you for all of your constant love and support. For always listening to me when I need to vent, for always being there with words of encouragement and true friendship. For being the type of Women that inspire and uplift. Who are genuinely and sincerely happy for me when good things happen. Who know that being this way is far better than those who are always trying to bring each other down. Thank you for being happy for me and my successes. PLEASE know that I am here to cheer you on and bring you up as well. 

Dear Hubby & Kids, I love you. You know that, no words can describe how I feel, no matter how loud I yell them. Maybe sometimes you can listen to me the first time, just sayin'. Thanks. 

Dear New Job, be kind to me. I have so much depending on this and I really want to LOVE you. I really do. I am old. My career needs to be now. I like you so far. It's only been a week. Be gentle. 

Dear Sun, back up off me dude! For real tho. 

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