Friday, July 24, 2015

How to Walk Away Gracefully... #StartingOver

I honestly don't believe the decision to walk away or leave is simple or made over night. I feel that it's made over time and after a lot of thought. Regardless of what the situation is. Leaving, removing yourself from a certain place, person, situation, area. To me it happens over time. It's something that is planned. You plan in the back of your head. You take all the actions needed to move forward. You take the steps that will allow you to leave with the most respect, most humbleness.  Depending on the situation you want to leave without hurting the other party involved and without feeling guilty or bad about your decision. 

Of course some situations are extreme and you do leave and don't care what is being left behind or who is being hurt. And, you might not care about the ties being broken. Those are different situations. 

For me, it wasn't something that I thought of yesterday or 3 weeks ago or months ago. Unfortunately it happened day one, over 2 years ago now. It was my job. My "career". But, from day one I didn't feel that it was for me. In the back of my head, I have my friends words with me when I told her where I was working and what my duties were. She said to me "Connie, really?! It's like putting the sun in the closet!!" 

She was so right. It was. 

I gave up after a while. Most days, I felt horrible. Because it was my job. I wanted to do my best and did most days. But some days, I just didn't care anymore. 

I looked for a long time and then I let it go. In the beginning of this year I decided to focus on my job and do well. Forgetting about the idea of leaving and even received a promotion. Months passed and I still didn't feel right. From one day to the next at the end of June, I had an interview. Suddenly, it all fell into place.

For the first time after a job interview my Husband said, "do it." If you know my Husband you know that he analyzes everything, within minutes you will know what he thinks and how it will all play out. So, for him to agree with what the new job was offering was a "sign" if you will. 

To me because things happened so quickly and just happen to all work out, it meant something.  I start my new job next week...

Whether or not its a new perfect situation. I don't know. But, I do know it's a new perfect situation to start over. To be myself again. To be renewed in who I am and how far I have come. At 34 being given an opportunity to continuously excel. To find myself again, because along the way, I lost who I was. That creative, happy being that LOVES working and meeting new people. Hence my blog thriving. I constantly seeked to be validated and renewed through my blog and all the events I attended. Filling that emptiness that had been created. 

An opportunity to do my best again. 

I had created a stand still. Filled with excuses and allowing others to lead when I knew I could so much more. But, the frustration set in and I had given up. That was me. How was it possible that everything else had fallen into place but my career had taken a stand still. I applied to so many jobs and received a constant NO.

Today, I am filled with hope and inspiration by the simple and almost silent, yes

A strong, resilient YES! Don't give up, ever. Keep pushing forward and working towards your goals and dreams. Follow your heart. Listen to your gut. 

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