Tuesday, August 18, 2015

::15 Things I do Daily to be Productive::

Because, well it's true. 

Sure; I don't have a live-in nanny, personal chef, trainer or daily hair and makeup stylist, but I manage. 

While I might not look like Beyonce everyday, cause occasionally...well you already know! HAHA. Flawless. I do though have the same amount of hours as her, as we all do. Those hours count to me and I fulfill them not only with work in Corporate America, but also following my dream, caring for children, nourishing my marriage and watching my Novela. Come on! Don't act like you don't watch, cause I know you do. Oh, and please don't call me on September 23rd at 9 p.m. 

Here are 15 things I do, daily. Yes, DAILY. To be fully productive and allow myself time for just about everything. 

1. Laundry-Not full on loads of laundry. I do most my laundry Friday night, that's right while most are out partying it up, I do laundry. It's very helpful. Daily; I collect clothes, sort and throw in a load to wash and a load to dry. The empty baskets don't last but loads literally get lighter. 

2. Lists- I make lists of things I want to do, things I have to do and things that need to get done. It helps me remember and keep things in order. I still end up forgetting most days but they are helpful to sort my thoughts and things I have to do. My Husband is the same way. 

3. Prepare for Tomorrow- I try to do as much as possible the night before; get my lunch ready, write a blog post, lay out our clothes for the next morning. I iron in the morning but I at least know what the kids will wear and what I will wear. I make sure my Hubby has the clothes he needs... shirts, socks, pants, etc. He selects his outfits in the morning. One less person to plan for. 

4. Meal Plan- For a while now we have been planning our meals out on Sunday night when we do groceries. Some Sunday's we can prepare for Monday but it's hard. We don't like to eat the same meal more than a couple of days, so meal planning is thought of at the beginning of the week but we prep and cook almost every night. Or every couple of nights at least. 

5. Tidy- I usually clean on Sunday mornings, but everyday I like to pick up toys and put shoes away. It helps keep things in order and trust me some days are easier than others. Most days, I don't really care. The mess is a mess but we are ok with that now. Having {2} small kids calls for constant toys and stuff all over the house. {I have learned to live past the judgment, especially from child-less people.}

6. Relax- People are always asking me; when do you sleep or if I sleep at all?  I do. And, I also have a ton of lazy relax time. I really do! Trust me most days I am relaxing. Plus I have said this several times, I am a home-body. My son is just like me. Give us a good reason to lay on the couch all day, or no reason at all, and we are there. Rest is essential in getting things done. 

7. Write- Even if I don't post it, I write almost daily. If I don't, I will forget it. It's part of getting old. Haha. If I don't write I record voice notes on my phone. Or a short video to help me remember what I want to write about. Writing is what my therapist recommended. She really did. It has helped with so many sleepless, restless nights of constant thought. Just write it down, get it off your spinning wheels. 

8. Take pictures- If you follow me on Instagram or FB then you know, we love pictures in our house. I take them daily and post throughout the week. It makes for easy sharing and I don't overload the social media stratosphere all at once. So, rarely do I post things the moment or day of. 

9. Wake up Early- Yes, I start my day around 5:45-6 a.m. depending on what my goals are for the morning and day. It's hard but I pull myself out of bed and get going early in the morning. I get myself and Camila ready everyday for work and school. My Husband gets Santi and himself ready. 

10. Go to bed last- To make sure that I have some quiet time and get it all done. I do go to bed last around midnight or 1 a.m. But, no I am not always tired. I do the following {2 points} to maintain my 34 year old self healthy and strong. Plus it's true the older you get the less sleep you need. I used to hate getting up so early and on the weekend I do like to sleep in. 

11. Exercise- I exercise, if not daily at least every other day. 30 minute walks, 1 hour walk/run or 1 hour Zumba. Or, just about any workout I can get in. Even if it's 15 minutes, I do it. It's  must. It's also my alone/relax time. And, the older you get the harder it also is to lose weight. I don't necessarily exercise to lose weight but I do like to maintain myself. It's a daily battle. 

12. Take my Vitamins- I take a ton of vitamins- Vitamin B, Iron and Omega 3 with Fish Oil are the most important. 

13. Talk to friends- I have a few friends I talk to daily. Just to say Hi, or to vent or to bounce ideas off of. It helps ease the stress and tension. I like to share with them because I always get positive and honest feedback. Most of them are Momma's as well, as most of them have full-time 8-5 jobs, so they are very relate-able. But, I do have friends who are single or don't have children. 

14. Read positive notes/Bible- Right now I am doing a 30 days of affirmation challenge on Instagram. So, I try to not only read positive happy notes but also write them for other women and Momma's like myself. It helps. I try to make time and actually sit and read my Bible. I need to do it more often. But, I have several with great devotionals that come to my email and I read those daily. My faith has pulled me through the toughest of spots. It's only fair I dedicate some time to praise and pray for all the good in my life.  

15. Listen to music- I listen to all kinds of music throughout the day. Keeps me motivated and in a good mood. Helps fill the quiet space and even gets my creativity going. I love music. 

I know. It seems like a lot and I do have 2 {dos} kids. We do have dinner around the dinner table every night. I cook almost every night. We also have a semi-strict bed time routine that we follow. My Husband and I usually talk about important things right after work, we vent, let it all out and then enjoy our family time.

So, you see. If Queen Bey can do it, SO CAN YOU!!

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