Thursday, September 10, 2015

IT'Z ::Visit Recap::

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated post. In collaboration with iT'Z. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest.}

Labor Day weekend was kicked off with some good family fun! If you have kids you have been to some version of a pizza and games place. As adults, I like to go where I can enjoy the games or rides with my kids and eat well. Which is why we really like visiting IT'Z their buffet is large and has a good selection of food, and it's not all pizza.

The games, I feel, are very well-rounded and have more of an indoor amusement park type feel. So much that; my Santi was finally tall enough to enjoy his first time on the bumper cars and his first time on a roller coaster! As, I died slowly watching him from below. I am not one to get in on the action, I can't. He was so brave, him and my Sister-in-Law got on the wild ride. And, I survived. He did amazing. He loved it. 

Mean while Camila enjoyed all the rides and games she was tall enough to ride. The #SummerSizzle event was a good deal for a big family like us. It was the best way for us to start our weekend off. The kids of course always have fun and were so tired they knocked out as soon as we got home. Always good for this Momma. 

Our visit to IT'Z set the mood for the rest of the weekend. Which was to be adventurous and keep going! Which we did all weekend long. 

What about you, how did you enjoy your Labor Day weekend?

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