Monday, September 14, 2015

Meyer Park ::Houston Park Series::

Back in February a friend offered to do Valentine's Day picture for the kids. We happily went. The location was a park. We love parks in our house.  Honestly, it has taken some time for me to get used to the outdoors, my Husband is huge on nature. Me, not so much but these days..I can't live without it. 

We have made it a point to explore new parks in Houston, when we can and as we find them. Before we arrived, we did some online research. And, after our photo-shoot we decided to....explore. We were not disappointed. Meyer Park is very big and has so many great features. 

The park offers some very interesting history. Even an Archaeology site! It's worth exploring on sunny weekend afternoon. Hopefully this Houston weather can cooperate with us soon. The trees there are tall and the trails are endless. The lake is not only a great site to sit and watch the clouds float by but also has a trail to walk or run around it. 

We walked, took in the nature around us, relaxed and did we mention the fishing? Yes. My Husband knew that he could fish at this park so, he took advantage and had his own little fishing adventure! The kids were silly and we made sure to explore every corner possible. We even found back trails and a playground. But, trust me we didn't get to see everything the park has to offer but I do feel like we made the absolute best of what we did find.

This has really become one of our favorite weekend adventures. We have found a couple more parks since this and will be sharing them soon. Don't forget to go back and check out our other find in Houston nature and outdoor fun! For me, it's a time to slow down and remember what and who is really important when it comes to weekend adventures. It brings focus and purpose to the days ahead.

Houston is a big city, finding yourself and your happy place can take time but trust me it's worth it.

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