Thursday, October 8, 2015

::Change:: #ThursdayThoughts

Thinking about life and the future, allows me to be open to change. 

This year my life was centered around "focus". Focusing on my career. Focusing on life. Focusing on local opportunities. I feel I did well. I have done well. I have come a long way in 2015. We have exactly 2 1/2 months left and for some reason the word "Change", is stuck in my head. I am sure I have experienced it before and I have talked about it in the past. But, today it just feels like it has a whole new meaning. 

Not sure yet what the meaning is, or where it will lead but I feel that the focus has given me a new season of change. We have good things going on in our home. My Hubby is doing well at work. My kids are happy and healthy, school eh, that's a whole other post. The struggles are real, I say this often but thankfully, "the struggles" are not so bad. We manage. We make it through them. We survive. Things could be worse but they are not. 

Things could be better, this I know. 

This morning I was listening to Jotina Buck on Periscope, if you don't know me. You should follow her. Her #Periscope topic was; "There are no shortcuts." during the broadcast someone posted, "there is a blessing in the wait." All of it touch my heart and woke my soul up! It's true. Our society has become so accustomed to having everything at our finger tips and at the touch of a screen. Truth is, that in this life there are no shortcuts. We must work hard, daily, through our struggles, pains and woes to make it. 

I don't feel there is anything wrong with this. I thrive in the moments of struggle. I always have. For a moment, I might feel as if my ship is sinking but survival mode kicks in. And, even if I have to take the long route out of the problem, I always make it out alive. Not by taking shortcuts but by living and embracing the change. Right now, I feel that things are at a calm stand-still but I invite change into my life and stare it straight in the face. Ready. Prepared. To take the long route and not worry about where the shortcuts might lead me. I don't want the easy way out, ever. 

I want to take the route that will lead me to victory through strength, growth and life long learning. I have had countless moment in my life when I have had to wait. Where I have had to struggle. It has been painful. I have had moments, I didn't think I would make it out alive, but I have. It's in those moments that I have been most alive, most aware and that I have grown and learned the most about myself and about life.   

As the years go by and the time progresses, these moments become easier to face. I don't know what change you are going through right now, but don't feel pressured to use the easy way out. Know that the situation will pass, and you will grow from it. Have faith in your true abilities. Always let your light shine! 

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