Wednesday, December 2, 2015

::10 Positive things to do BEFORE 2016::

The new year will be upon us soon, in 30 days to be exact. I love happy, positive posts that will help us grow. 2015 has been a great one. I will have a reflection post soon. But, for now I wanted to kick off our "new year resolution" making, early. Only because being prepared and envisioning what I want in 2016 is highly important to me. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and things have just slowly become better and gone in a more desired direction. Now, I have said this before, my challenges and my vision boards don't go without troubles or difficulties. They just help me get through the tough moments easier. 

Let's begin. How can you make 2016 a better and bigger year?

::Envision your 2016::

Think about what it is you want, envision your happy place. Never a prefect world but always happy with your choices and the path you are walking. What you want for your family, your career, your education, your friendships, your business endeavors and partnerships. Anything goes. Sometimes the bigger the dream the better making those dreams come true though might take small steps and setting a series of smaller goals. These goals can be monthly goals. Just know that the process takes times. Be patient.

::Write it down::

Now that you have it all set-up in your mind and you have envisioned what 2016 will look like, write it down! One of my biggest mistakes is thinking, and thinking and not making notes or writing it down. Write your vision out as bullet points if you want just quick notes, or into your planner as monthly or weekly goals so that it's already planned. Writing down what you want is very important. It creates a visual, it's another reason why I believe in vision boards. This year I even created a digital vision board on Pinterest. Anything to help me SEE everything that I want, helps.

::Positive thoughts::

Set your mind in the right direction and the rest will follow. Trust. One of my biggest challenges year to year is my weight. Some months out of the year, I can't. I won't. My mind can't focus on being strict and disciplined, it wants to just be. I think months like these are necessary, it helps prepare our minds for what we really want. Once your mind is set on something it's hard to not go through with it, at least for me. I can be very stubborn. Mindset is everything!

::Positive Words::

Words, my friend Jotina has an excellent book about our language and how we should change this. I myself have done several #30daychallenege's now. And, 2016 will not be an exception, already planning it, so be ready January 1. The 30 day challenge is mainly on my Instagram. And, trust me, it has truly changed me. I used to work in a negative environment with co-workers whose words were always unhappy and complaint, once I changed my language to myself, that situation turned itself around. Our minds and our language are key to progressing. I have lived it.

::Start your weight loss plan now::

I started boot-camp about a month ago in November, knowing myself and that I love to eat. That and that the holidays were coming up and that I suck at self-control. I got a good deal on Texas Fit Chicks through Groupon and went with it. This week I started on my second month and have signed up for 3 new months. Oh this will be hell. But, it's okay because I am already loving the changes in my body and the 7 pound weight-loss in November. I have pictures on Instagram. Not like transformation stuff, but motivational ones that keep me going and reminded. If you start now, you won't have to think about it come January 1, you will already have a plan and your habits set. Just sayin'. As they say, the early bird gets the worm...and the abs! Ha.

:: Take a Break::

We all know that those who hustle succeed, but every once in a while a break is  much needed. You don't want to burn yourself out and lose sight of what you are really after. Taking a break and reorganizing your thoughts and plan is needed. I try to do this often, sometimes it's easier said than done. I am a person who constantly needs to be in motion, only because my anxiety and depression will kick in if I don't. And, that's even harder to shake. But, I do believe in resting and making sure that I remain focused so I take breaks, when needed. A break for everyone is different. For me, even not doing laundry, staying off social media after 5 p.m. or skipping a blog are all good breaks. I mentally shut down and enjoy things like; napping, T.V. and annoying my Husband and kids to do things!

::Take up a Hobby::

Helps fuel creativity and new ideas. I love making things, writing and exercising. All, I feel, are good hobbies to have. I have started doing some photography and learning more about taking quality pictures. I love making wreaths and headbands. Of course writing is my obvious passion. Exercising I feel is a good hobby, keeps you busy and in shape. I am not as good at that but I try. Always doing the things I really like, because they keep me motivated and inspire me so much. Plus they make me happy and keep me in a good mood which is valuable to good family life.

:: Eat Well::

Hardest thing ever for this Mexican Momma who loves ALL foods. But, I do notice that when I eat well I feel better. About myself, about my energy and overall mood. Good healthy food is so important in your 30's and beyond, I am sure. I ate so much crap food for so long that now, I would rather eat clean healthy homemade food. It's good every once in a while to have a good cheat meal, but for the long haul I prefer healthy eats. I get a lot my food prep ideas from Pinterest . Your body and mind will love you!


This doesn't apply to me. Ha. I should sleep more. I can't sometimes. I have a problem shutting down and refuse to take medicine. Even after a long day waking up before 6 a.m. and exercising every night, I still can't seem to shut down. Insomnia is a real issue I have had for years, since High School. But, now well into my 30's, I know how important it is and when I can, I do sleep well. It's vital to my health. I can function just fine even on a couple of hours of sleep, my body is kind of used to it.

::Go Out::

Being social and meeting up with friends or meeting new people are vital, you never know who you will meet and how they will impact your life. Friends are a good reminder of how awesome your life's journey has been. Going out with your Hubby or significant other, is just as important to relax and have fun. I have the most fun on date-nights now with my Husband because they are so long overdue at times. They help remind me of how life brought us together and we always sit and think about the kids which is an amazing reminder of how much God has blessed us over the years.  This all helps re-inspire you on so many levels. So have a taco, drink a margarita, enjoy life and the rest will follow.

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