Wednesday, December 9, 2015

::Taking your kids to the Theatre:: #ad #ChistmasCarolHOU

          ::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements are my true and honest opinion.  

I never know what to expect and as my husband says; I am so uptight. Sorry, but I worry. About my kids doing bad things in public places. About what others will say about my kids doing bad things in public places, I worry. So, when we were invited to see the Christmas Carol at the beautiful Alley Theatre, I was nervous. A little more than when I go to the movie theater. The movies I feel we have mastered.

Thankfully. we got the perfect seats, close to the aisle for easy exit access. Then we watched the show and I observed, like always. My kids did not stay still cause well, they are kids, I tend to forget that and expect so much of them. They threw some fits and ate cookies during the intermission. My Husband, the more laid back and cool parent, thank goodness was ever so patient with ME. My kids, especially my son, loved the show. He was a little skeptical at first but once it began he was in awe. Live theater is something I personally love. My Husband and I have seen several live shows and love it. We knew this was something we wanted our kids to experience as well.

The question was when? The suggested age for the show is 6, understandably. There were younger kids there and many stepped out during the show, thankfully we didn't have to. And, my Husband reminded me there were kids with worse behavior than mine which made me a feel a little more at ease. If you have little ones and want to attend a live show here are my 5 tips for doing so.

:: Talk to your kids before about rules and what they are to expect::

I didn't tell the kids too far ahead about our little adventure because then it would be endless, "when are we going" questions. So, the morning of, we got ready and in the car. On our way we had breakfast so we took that time to tell them, where we were going, what they could expect and how they should behave. I really feel that the older they get the more they understand. Which is very comforting for this worrying Momma. We told them about behaving and being "big kids" which they seemed to understand. The day did not go without tantrums and tears, but they really did behave and tried their best.  

:: Eat before you go::

The theater isn't really like the movies, you can't go in the seating area with food. I knew this from our previous times there so we had a good breakfast before we arrived. And, during the intermission my Husband got the kids drinks and cookies which they enjoyed. Eating a meal before you go to the theater is a good idea and having a snack at intermission for the kids I think was a great idea. Also, explaining to them that snacks are not allowed inside are good too. 

:: Go to the bathroom before the show::

My daughter has a potty problem. Everywhere she goes, we have to visit the bathroom. Knowing this, I make sure we use the bathroom before we go anywhere for sure. The theater was no exception. I had to explain that we needed to watch the entire first half of the show before we could again. So, we went to the bathroom before the show, twice, and then during the intermission. For someone who loves to explore and see every inch of a new bathroom, Camila did very well. I think by the second half they were so into the play that they forgot about the bathroom. 

:: Use the Intermission for snacks and stretching::

By the time the first half of the play was over my kids and Husband were ready for a short break. We got up, stretched our legs and my Husband got the kids snacks. Which put me in a slight panic, because I knew you couldn't take the food inside. But, the kids did well at eating and drinking  We went to the bathroom again during this time. It was a good break to refocus and technically start over. I reminded the kids of being good and assured them it would be over soon. More so for Camila she is still having trouble giving something her full attention. But, she did very well. Once inside the theater, we didn't have to get up or leave once. 

:: Let your kids be kids and relax::

As a 30-something Momma, this is something that often gets me.And, it might not be my age, it is just my personality. I become so nervous of what can happen that I tend to lose sight of what fun can be. My kids and Husband are teaching me to let go. I have learned to let go, let my kids be themselves and just relax. It's a great option for having fun! My kids enjoy themselves more and so do I. The theatre was no exception, once I am in relax mode things go a lot better for us. 

Have you and your children been to the theatre? How was your experience? 

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