Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why I am not hating on Coco and her post-partum body.. really! #nohaterzone

A few weeks ago I posted a somewhat "controversial" post over on Facebook. And, funny. If you know me, I take very little serious. We only have one life, we can't spend it over analyzing or criticizing everyone. Trust me easier said than done. But, this post, is not meant to be mean or controversial at all. 

Here is why I am not hating on Coco and her near perfect post-partum body. Y'all she is a celebrity. It's her job to look that amazing, an hour or two after birth. Could I look like her, maybe? If I really tried and had some more money. I didn't look that way with either child cause well I am not shaped like her. And, because with my son I decided I wanted to be a nice plump pregnant woman and then it got out of hand. I had all sorts of complications and water retention in places I had no clue could retain fluid.  I tried to stay healthy and loose the weight after him but guess what 10 months later I was preggers again.

With Camila, I was a whole different person. As we all are individuals, each pregnancy is different. I only gained 7 pounds and was still very much pregnant but a bit healthier and not as big. Which was perfect. She weighed 8lbs 14oz, I gained only her weight and then lost 15 pounds afterward. I stayed on the low end of the scale for a year or so. Then, let's get real, I won't be on TV half naked like Coco anytime soon, so I ate.

My love for food and the number on that scale are rarely in agreement. Fast forward to where I am now. Almost 35, hopefully, no more kids and seeking to remain healthy and fit. All the time. So, am I hating on Coco? Well, not in a bad way. Would be nice to look like her, but truth is, I don't really care to put that much effort into it right now. I do what I can and look like a somewhat, not too chubby Momma most the time. 

The point of this is, no matter what or how Coco got back to her slim shape, we should each embrace what we look like and strive to be better. Not cause Coco looks amazing but because we want to be happy and content with where we are, plus my kids hug me and kiss me all the same. They have no clue about my weight or shape struggles. And, I love them for that. The only judgment here is my own and from those who have judgy opinions all the time. We can't change them.

Now Kim Kardashian though... KIDDING. I am joking. No judgment. (HAHA)

Ok, Momma's let's hear your opinion!! Be real and honest but respectful, please. It's all I ask.

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