Tuesday, January 19, 2016

::Tweety Girl Handmade Boutique:: Shop Review #ad

Having a girly girl, is not easy. She loves dresses and all things pink. Don't get me wrong, I do too, but not as much as her. Plus her sense of style is so unique, I can't seem to ever keep up. When I want to live in jeans and yoga pants she shows me how to brighten up my wardrobe and look girly again. I simply embrace it. Camila is such a spunky little lady, I often find myself arguing with her about what she can and cannot wear. 

When we received this beautiful handmade dress by TweetyGirl Handmade Boutique, we both loved it. Camila wanted to wear it the very next day to school. Thankfully it came with a hair bow and we had shoes and you know earrings to match it. 

The sparkles on the front of the dress are her favorite part and guess what she has sparkly silver shoes to match. I loved the detail like the matching satin ribbon trim and the cute hair bow. I think it made Camila look like the perfect little girl that she is. So appropriate for all occasion and especially school. 

Please visit Tweety Girl Handmade Boutique for their latest collection. And, enjoy our Sunday afternoon photoshoot with one of my most favorite models. 

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