Monday, February 29, 2016

::Motivational Monday::

I posted earlier on my facebook page, that I know that sometimes no matter what I say, I might not make a difference or change certain situations. While I don't want to focus on the Oscar's and all the controversy that surrounds it. I do want to focus on purpose. Not everyone is created to carry out a message. It takes courage and knowing what your purpose is to follow through with those things that will create or change your future. This morning on the radio a couple of hosts were talking about Chris Rock and his delivery of a message that was difficult but inevitably part of his mission and purpose.  He stood his ground, took the opportunity that he was given and presented or represented a message. Regardless of how many agreed with him. He was there with a purpose. 

It makes me think about myself. My own message and how at times, I don't feel qualified to speak it or even qualified to write it. But, I do. My "message" is not always heard and when it is, many might disagree. It's up to us to just put ourselves out there. To rise above and speak. Be heard, no matter what your message is. It will not always be easy. But, we should do it anyway. 

I have been fortunate for years now to be given the appropriate platforms to speak. To write. To have a purpose. To create my own purpose. As the days go by and the events come to be, I feel more and more empowered by the amazing women who support me. This past weekend was a crazy one. Somehow I made it through. Got the weekend done and feel amazing about all the small accomplishments I have had until now. 

As Monday begins a new week and Tuesday a new month; I think it's time to move forward and take those leaps into that message that has been waiting to explode. Even if you are not sure yet what that might be. No matter what, be present, in your actions and your words. Live the message that you know is filling your heart and brain with ideas and thoughts. Share your message with your friends, your neighbor, your dog, your children, your Husband. Or anyone willing to listen. I always say, even if you only have an audience of ONE and that audience is being impacted then you have achieved your goal.  

You don't feel qualified? Then make yourself an expert in your message. I am sure you have the skills to share it, otherwise, you wouldn't feel that urge or the need to share it. Maybe your message is about faith, working hard or even about getting your kids ready for school and out the door in the morning. It is your message and you will know when and how to express it.  

You will never know the impact you can create if you don't share that message. If you are in constant fear of the what if's, then your message will remain unknown. Your purpose will not be fulfilled. 

Seek your message, master it and share it. 

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