Wednesday, February 24, 2016

::Wordless Wednesday,Kinda....:: Seek your Tribe

So, you should never believe me when I say "wordless", never gonna happen. And, I wonder why my busy body, talky 4-year-old will never shut-up! Wonder. Why? ::insert perplexed look here::

I have over the years worked and become friends with so many amazing women, some who continue to be in my life. And, then last year I was able to partner with two local Latinas and create. Create something so purpose-filled and meaningful that it makes all the sleepless nights, worth it. I feel that over the last few months no matter how busy, how crazy, how dramatic and how hard things get we have managed to overcome so much. We call ourselves a Latina Tribe. Our tribe is composed of many great local Latinas. We thrive. We write. We share and we move forward. 

I have learned to motivate myself and others to seek greatness and endure change. This picture of AriJihane and myself was taken by my Cami. Another generation of Latinas that I hope to inspire to follow in the footsteps of the wonderful women who currently walk the earth, and those who have left us. 

And, while I am constantly seeking to connect with the Latinas in our community, I am always reminded that my "tribe" has nothing to do with my culture or ethnicity, and everything to do with togetherness. I have Momma tribes, Latina tribes, GREAT women tribes. We are all in this together and as long as your tribe supports you. Is real and honest with you. Tries to uplift you and is always silly with you, nothing else matters

Seeking your tribe is about finding a group of women who will be there for you, who will collaborate with you and don't see you as a threat to their dreams. Instead, your tribe should work to help you reach your goals and inspire new dreams so that we can all win. Help you create the success you desire, and vice-versa! So, that we can all succeed and create a wave of greatness. 

That's the kind of tribe you should seek. 

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