Thursday, June 30, 2016

::Having it all...Or not... :: #Thisis35

So, it happened. 35. It's here. In full effect. I turned 35 yesterday and my co-worker asked if I felt wiser. Truth is. I feel the same but deep down inside, yes I am wiser. My eyes are wide open and my heart is prepared for the world and years to come. I have over the years been extremely blessed to meet, to know and to gain friendships from wonderful and inspirational ladies. My circle changes constantly, not because I don't love all the ladies the same but because life happens. Our situations and circumstances take us in different directions. But, at 35 I know those women have come into my life, made a beautiful impact and moved on to do so much more... it's amazing. I love that feeling. Of having been a part of someone's journey. That's what I have learned in 35 years. Life is a journey. It moves, changes and evolves constantly. Nothing is a given and everything should be appreciated. 

In 35 years I have learned balance. I have learned that some months I will have time to blog and workout and some months I won't want to do either, and that really is okay. You know why? The world keeps going with or without you. I have had times of great productivity when all I do is work, work, work and others when I veg-out on the couch for days at a time. And, you know what, my Husband loves me the same, my kids love me the same and the laundry pile, well, it's still there. Go figure. Balance and the ability to move on knowing that sometimes, dishes don't get washed, posts don't get posted, pictures don't get edited, and tasks never get completed. Life goes on.

Picture Credit: Ari of 3twentysix

Picture Credit: My Sister

Just in the last 2 weeks, I realized how much good I have in my life right now. Stability and being in a "good place" seems to be the thoughts in my head. Knowing that while our lives are not perfect and we might not have "everything" , we are happy. We are good. My career is in such a stable and good place, I love it. I haven't felt this way about a job in years. My kids are healthy and my Hubby is his same ol' sarcastic self that everyone loves to hate, or hates to love. HA. Our home, I always say, isn't an expensive super fancy place, but it's home and we make it work every day. In our own little crowded messy way. My kids love everyone and they are so happy and unique it makes me laugh, smile and cry all at once. We are blessed.

Honestly, "we have it all" without really having it all if that makes any sense. While we don't have big fancy belongings, we have one another and we are happy, we are blessed and we move forward. One of my Aunts, who has been there for me in many ways pointed out how happy we are as a family. How blessed Ricardo and I are to have an education, how great my parents are for being so supportive and loving and how no matter what we are always there for one another. That we do have. A happy family, supportive and unconditional love. Forgiveness. We forgive those who hurt us and move forward. We are real and honest about what we believe in and stand for. 

That we have. Realness. Truth. You will always get that from me. Now at 35 and 10 years from now at 45, I will be real and honest. On to a new year of life and feeling overwhelmingly humbled by all the beautiful messages on Facebook, direct messages, texts and phone calls to wish me a happy birthday. It was an amazing one. My loved ones made it a special day and I am SO thankful. Always. 

In the spirit of celebrating years of life, I teamed up with two amazing women Coppelia Marie who ran a special "Turning 40" series on her YouTube Channel. Coppelia is a former local DJ for a Christian radio station called KSBJ. Meeting her has been amazing. I have been a fan since I heard her on the radio years ago, meeting her and being able to call her my friend, is just mind blowing. Her featuring me on her blog for my Birthday is a true honor! I am such a fan and her message of self-love and embracing your age no matter where you are in life, is awesome! 

Not only did I team up with Coppelia for her series, we both teamed up with Ari of 3twentysix for her awesome giveaway series, The Paper Files! Make sure you enter. Ari also filmed our video! She did an amazing job. Thanks, Ari! You can visit any of our pages to sign-up for the giveaway!
Picture Credit: All picture below by Ari of 3twentysix 

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